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Well, all I do is party OR That probably because all you do is party
Saying 'Dope' to anything boring. Getting "Dank". "Think about it..." "Maaaan..." "Guys..? Guys! Listen.. lis-... listen, we put... guys? Guys, okay, listen.. we put WINGS... ... on our legs." Using Bull-Malarkey to replace "Bullshit". Most totally bodacious. What even is that!
That shit makes Picasso look like Shrek 3.
My brother and I always say to my older brother "Nice chips dip isn't it?" [sp]He always eats chips every evening, and goes to the toilet before he eats, and never washes his hands[/sp]
My title
boku no pico I shit you not.
"pls sword"
Pasta fail
He's pissed off and had a Buzek with his Maccy F. Brian, how's your fuck capacitor? (See a dog) Oh look, it's Minett. *Loud sniffing* (this one's always aimed at me because of a previous incident). A variation of this is a more subtle one, yet obviously intended.
"hey could you do me a favour and solo baron" "hey could you leash baron real quick" "gonna need a hard leash on baron" [editline]11th May 2012[/editline] "just gonna get a pentakill real quick"
Do you like my hat?
Myy Hermanni KÄSIIIIII!!! Make's Sense - Maken järki Nosso Älä syö koko ajan! AUTA KÄSI!!! Morso No voi hemmetin kyrpäjyrä! asd cake sus sees sis SCHNELL!! The list could go on and on and on and on... Most of this is just gibberish to you because Finnish.
Vladimirskij central [editline]11th May 2012[/editline] Ambassador of Zimbabwe/The Netherlands/Japan
And thats why we should idolize you. Basically, when anyone brags about stats or equipment in any game, everyone just goes: And thats why we should idolize you.
Ich came to gas gas gas gas all the juden in my reich reich reich reich v:v:v
Munni-Mati Nii külmalt tuledki ? I have a fetish for X
"Got to get patched up Gordon"
what does a gay horse eat cheese
Rip in peace
Brink? Nevermind. (Came from a livestream I did a while back on "The Dig", where I constantly initiated and ended a conversation with a character called Brink. Hence: "Brink? Nevermind.") People who saw the livestream occasionally quote this around me.
Contraceptive monarchy [sp]one guy misspelled "constitution monarchy" out loud during a history class[/sp] Will there be a parabole test/Where did the "m" come from/It's funny because of lobsters [sp]other dude was stupid enough to ask if the things we were studying were in the test/didn't get formula that was being explained in 2 lessons/didn't get a lieutenant Rzhevsky joke[/sp]
It's so yam!
C for C
"Hobo closet." [sp]Usually directed at me, I made a house on my friend's minecraft server that was basically a closet built into a mountain. They called it my hobo closet.[/sp]
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