• You turn into the above user's avatar. What do you do?
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Yes. Another retarded x above user's avatar thread. As for Facepunch-logo, well, I punch whoever punched my face right back in theirs. [B]NEW RULE: Don't go boring-ass "kill myself"[/B]
[B]I would get as much pussy as possible in x amount of time.[/B] :pwn:
I would say "gooby pls"
Stare at myself naked.
It's not possible.
Have tongue-sex with [sp]Eli[/sp]'s head
i dont know. :l
Be a gangsta
Kill myself.
Mastrubate all day. [editline]7th May 2012[/editline] I was hoping the above avatar would be a woman.
jump off a cliff.
Parade myself naked in front of Scalies. Get as much sex as possible.
Become a comedian.
uhh fly with my newly grown ear fin things
Run somebody over.
I flap my breasts and fly away.
Keep looking at myself naked
Write a novel
Stare at people all day. Try to unnerve them.
I would-฻฻฻ ฻฻฻฻ ฻฻ ฻ ฻฻฻
frantically hump the air or whatever it is that thing is doing
Get me some pills against seizure
Kill myself.
fly everywhere
Go off and break-dance in the streets.
Send a midget to conquer Earth.
Fly away into the sun.
Give whoever's raping me a piece of my mind.
Saw random shit in half. That seems fun.
Sit there
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