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Does anyone know what tools are needed to get shit out of Dunia? I'm going to try and get the vehicles out of 4 and 5, hopefully the ARC as well. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/106986/cd80b5c5-7cf5-4eaa-820e-8741f03e35b3/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/106986/8a64c045-5fa4-4951-8cfe-d9df8f3c66b3/image.png
It's pretty annoying tbh, have to use dunia tools that are somewhat cumbersome and hard to find. Far as I know, you need the Dunia tool kit here: Index of /builds/dunia2, as well as indexes of all the files in the game, which I can't seem to find a link to. Basically these indexes translate the strings the game uses into data that you can search through. This very base level explanation, btw. I'm by no means an expert, I've tried multiple times, but it's time consuming searching through forums to find the correct tools and the folders and folders of game files to find what you want.
Filenames / filepaths are probably hash-ed. Thats the reason why you can't see them.
god i hope so
Bump, still no tools whatsoever? I need dem tractors or i will cease to exist
DAT unpacker already done. You can find it on xentax. XeNTaX • View topic I have solved textures conversion, but models are other story. Still can't get right shape and UV's. But it's mater of time.
hi , ive been trying your unpacker but probly im doing it wrong i have it extracted to a folder on disk c: i draged the file farcry5.fat into the unpacker but nothing happened , do i need to have it on disk d : ? could you explain the correct way , i would like to extract joseph seed model to use it on blender , i hope u can help me , thanks
It's not my unpacker. The author is user Ekey. BTW in "FC5.Unpacker.bat" you must specify full path "without spaces" to the FAT file and full path to the folder where you want to extract files, also without spaces. Drag&Drop probably doesn't work. It's cmd line tool.
Could you port some of the grass or vegetation props as well?
First model ever ;) UV's are bit off but nothing cardial. https://s18.postimg.org/c1r8uhp2v/degl_fc5.png
Holy shit you legend
OMG NICE WORK can u extract as well the father joseph seed i would love to have it , once again great job
I'd also like the Revelator 3d model,if at all possible. Thank you for your time.
You mean this one? ;) But it wasn't easy. https://s18.postimg.org/kqy577v53/revelator.png Also next successfuly converted weapon. https://s18.postimg.org/lt8bps13r/svd.png
h3x3r thats great work my man or girl whatever you are, ive been using ninja ripper to rip characters but kinda fucked it works a little bit like gets the model and textures only some but uvmaps broken and need fixing i think, i am too trying to get the character father-joseph seed and also jacob seed for now. if you're willing to share i can repay the favour if you're interested
Haleluja! Still can't get/find his ingame model. https://s18.postimg.org/4k11iepyv/image.png
no rush tho, take your time, i ripped him by the arcade with ninjaripper but it doesnt work good with the latest gen games so no more ninjaripper for me lol, i have someone whos a professional at rigging models, and most of this is for gta 5, im gunna get all the bosses in that game lol
nice lol ur getting closer XD cant wait for the ingame model
conboyhaha , ive been trying as well to use ninja ripper with far cry 5 , but it crashes , ive tried the intruder inject and the wrapper d3d9 , still couldnt pass the crash , my system is 64bit , did you managed to extract the model of joseph ? i only need the model with no textures .
i did indeed manage to rip the model of joseph and some textures what do you exactly need the model on its own for ?
awsome , just the head in particular , i do custom projects figures , mini statues i like to paint them as a hobbie :P , could you atach the model ? thanks for replying ^_^
joseph seed here it is, just like you would of ripped it, all textures and meshes it could rip
thank you very much
you're welcome
Nice! Have you found Faith Seed yet by any chance? Even just her head model would be pretty cool.
is this aimed towards me or someone else
Surprises me that people have already worked a way to get Far Cry 5's models but not For Honor's. Does a tool for that exist or is one those impossible things?
Wrong thread, wrong engine
Towards you. Sorry I didn’t reply to your comment.
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