• Far Cry 5 (and 4 technically) Models
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I'd like to request Nick Rye's plane, Carmina or any of the float planes. Thanks
Lmao, small world bro, that's dope!! Hmu thru hangouts: jeromewestermann@hotmail.com
i dont have hangouts, but i got discord
U got steam? 'Jridah'
i added you, el capitan is my name
Any chance to made plugin for import models to 3D max?
any chance of a character model this weekend?
Here we go! Almost all weapons from FC5 are finally here. Except some of Mars DLC's weapons. Include all weapon skins. It's up to you which one you assign to weapon. Model Format: MB, OBJ Texture Format: Uncompressed DDS. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oZhzkXXTTW4_TA3GEMPZpJxZFtFoWcE- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JNZJ4hEOPqhm3D1AuKgDUaQj4Sk25Wwf https://drive.google.com/open?id=16etCyErhMiZ76CZ2lqQut9bnYCKFW_jF NOTE: - Weapons have variable sizes. Not real world. - Attachments have variable sizes. Not real world. Use 7Zip for unpack.
UV's are correct, polys are flipped but its not a problem. You sir did a great job on those
nice weapons, when you gunna share characters?
Thank you for your work. A lot of fresh resources are always good. Of the weapons are missing only "HMG M1Browning 50.cal"
Hey! The ninja ripper 1.7.1 does not seem to export uv maps with the mesh. Anyone have a clue whats wrong? When importing the .rip into noesis or blender with the correct plugins, no uv maps are present. Tried 3 different blender .rip import addons and only 1 work with farcry 5 rip. I have tried doing rip with all the different injector settings in ninja too. Any help would be great.
Oh sh!t I din't noticed this in Maya. Only Max show this black faces. @Exurok Ninja Ripper does the job pretty well but UV's are positioned somewhere in the UV shell. Not in center. @decline down I have that weapon but i didn't realize that somebody will want it. Since it's a stationary weapon not a hand held. @conboyhaha I already have John, Faith a Jacob converted. Still remains one variant of John and two variant of Joseph.
Any chance you're going to share John, Faith and/or Jacob any time soon?
Hello h3x3r! Thanks for reply. I went over my imports several times, no uv maps to be found. Here is an image of the import, clean from .rip. https://i.imgur.com/dAjWzCv.png No UV information, if i try create one its the default triangle only, no real info. Any more ideas? ninja ripper 1.7.1, dx8-11 tried. settings: no save shaders. no save directdraw surface, force rip interval 30 sec. ingame rip "all" or forced.
Send me your ripped model, not rip files but saved model. Better in Object or FBX format. It can be caused by blender import plugin or wrong set up of plugin. BTW I use GIMS Evo plugin for Max to import NR rip files and so far no problems.
Sure! https://mega.nz/#!WNty2a5R!QZkWYc43MdTiqIrvNqyIgvnXFVjOyeRGO1hHnSY1wG0 The gims evo plugin i have heard alot good about, i also have max, could try it ofc. Thanks for looking into this. I myself think it must be the importer.
Yep as I expected. No UV map there. Use max plugin instead. Good luck!
Yeah, confirmed, the import to max worked great! But for blender it does not seem to work.
Thanks! Use this tool for convert .dds textures. http://rgho.st/8xNDsFgNH image — imgbb.com
There aren’t valid bodygroups for the models, atleast not for the .Obj files which are the ones I am able to operate right now. As sample, pistol slides bodygroups are missing and if I try to separate by vertex selection then that’s too hard and I end up messing the mesh. Does the same happen w/ Maya? (since you’re including .MB too). I’m willing to get the program but I’d firstly like to know if there’re correct bodygroups on these .MB’s. If not, I’ll just throw that I am looking to implement into my personal Mod the three H&K MP5 models (standard, K and SD) plus the Beretta M-92 FS handgun. In case you wanna share them with the so mentioned bodygroups. Thanks in advance and best wishes! ;)
Get the Maya... BTW there are no bodygroups in both of formats since i have zero interest in gmod/source/sfm modding.
Why you do tell me to get the Maya if there’re not bodygroups on both formats at all? Do you think I am stupid? And I wonder what would be the point on ripping all those firearms when they’re more like unusable? What a huge waste of both time and effort. Screw you and screw your jewish buttlickers too. Damn jerks... you better DON’T troll on me, alright? Now some moderator better ban this account of mine if she wants. I even give you permission to clean your smelly butts with it. I’ll just keep on creating new ones with some program for fake IP, VPN online or whatever when I need something. Oh, and I did your little sister last night...
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Man, you are doing amazing job! If you actualy managed to rip these characters with in-game bones and textures.. endless gratefulness I saw you had problems with textures and bones on Faith. Did you figured out how to fix this? Thanks for all your work! Hope to see these characters released soon ;)
i got the new dlc for far cry 5, disappointing but characters cool, if anyone can rip the 4 squad team which includes the main character would be cool af dlc hours of darkness
How is it going with main villains? Checking this thread everyday. Highly anticipated for me!
lol i stopped checking as much, i lost hope, dont think we will see any at all be released
Wow great job!. A noob question though what does _al, _mt, _ns, _um textures mean?
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