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Hi , I am searching a Gmod player model , I really want it , but the real problem is : I am 15 yo , So I don't have money , but I can help you , if you want something :[ I think somebody on this forum have a hearth and can be do it for me :'3 Steam : Rory Mercury Discord : シMykuzhaシ (ミクzハ)#3188 Thank you. <3
You know there are hundreds of Rory Mercurys on steam? lol What model you want? A Rory Mercury model? There is an mmd model you can port -> Rory Mercury v1.0 The links to the obiously other mmd port of this have been removed. While i have a rip of this https://sketchfab.com/models/3fb51d692eae494e8ed4cf6a4f42d1b7 model it's not allowed to republish it. You'll probably never get this one.
I failed xD My steam account is Mykuzha xD Sorry and yes I really want Rory Mercury but yeah I juste found it on mdd but I don't know how can I have it in gmod xD
Between the chosen thread icon, the model requested and the japanese name I can determine that OP has a taste for animes, but I am not sure about that. Mykuzha, if you start a help thread, we could help you make the model into a playermodel yourself from 0 and you'll also gain some sick modelling skills on the way, you'll only need time and patience, but it would take less time and sanity than having to search for someone willing to make this playermodel for free.
Yeah I know , I tried but , I'm really bad for that xD , I did this thread , because , this is my last chance x3 , I think I will never have Rory Mercury Player Modèle xF
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