• 5 Fallout 3 power armor mod ports with player models
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[img]https://www.wuala.com/en/api/preview/Sliferzzz7/stuff/randomshit/gm_flatgrass0019.jpg?key=srsbsns[/img] [img]https://www.wuala.com/en/api/preview/Sliferzzz7/stuff/randomshit/gm_flatgrass0023.jpg?key=srsbsns[/img] [img]https://www.wuala.com/en/api/preview/Sliferzzz7/stuff/randomshit/gm_flatgrass0026.jpg?key=srsbsns[/img] [img]https://www.wuala.com/en/api/preview/Sliferzzz7/stuff/randomshit/gm_flatgrass0028.jpg?key=srsbsns[/img] [img]https://www.wuala.com/en/api/preview/Sliferzzz7/stuff/randomshit/gm_flatgrass0030.jpg?key=srsbsns[/img] [url]https://content17.wuala.com/contents/Sliferzzz7/stuff/randomshit/FO3%20Mod%20ports.7z?key=srsbsns[/url] <3
Whoa, nice :rock:
Thanks :D
Oh, hey, i think i know the guy that requested those >.>
How many of these skins have you released on garrysmod.org?
[QUOTE=Omolong;16301790]How many of these skins have you released on garrysmod.org?[/QUOTE] 7. I also have 6 that are not on Garrysmod.org. I therefore have 13 :D And yes, HunterDNRC asked me to port these.
Could you send me a link with the ones you have't released on garrysmod.org?
[url]https://content18.wuala.com/contents/Sliferzzz7/stuff/uploads/FO1%20T51B.7z?key=srsbsns[/url] That, and this.
:downs: I've already got that... I meant the ones out of this new pack.
What? The link is on this page, unless i'm reading what you said wrong :S
[url]https://content18.wuala.com/contents/Sliferzzz7/stuff/uploads/FO1%20T51B.7z?key=srsbsns[/url] I already have that. I mean the ones on this page you haven't released on garrysmod.org.
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