• Vman's Ultra Effects
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  • [QUOTE=Spectre1406;26328393]Hey stupid, you just bumped a 4-month old thread.[/QUOTE] thread worth bumping
  • Hey! It's this thread again! [QUOTE=RobZombieHFN;26328327]It's not AR2, IT'S A FRICKIN GAR!!! GAUSS ASSAULT RIFLE!!!![/QUOTE] :geno:
  • Makes me realize how dated these things are compared to some of the stuff I've been cooking up recently: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l746Ix0ITOE[/media]
  • [QUOTE=Henry Townshend;26344562]Do a V2, I'd DL it[/QUOTE] I should, shouldn't I...
  • Why mods are closing recent threads instead of old as shit ones? This is weird. Welcome to Facepunch logic.