• Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
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[QUOTE=Hauptmann;38008384]OMGWTFBBQ[/QUOTE] Where did you download that Allied soldier?
[QUOTE=aliensoldier;38010707]Where did you download that Allied soldier?[/QUOTE] Ask to beat the zombie, it's a private model. The pack includes german and allied ragdolls, vehicles, AA gun and weapons from the game Medal of Honor Airborne.
How is it going ? Stürmgepack added, and..?
oh the radio comes from the pack of Vipermark II.
The Stürmgepack isn't the radio ;) That's that : [IMG]http://sournoishack.com/uploads/1743640522sturmgepack.jpg[/IMG]
It always been there.
Really ? [SUB]I'm being old[/SUB]
[QUOTE=OuTlAw767;38397975]nuh..nuhnuh....NICK?![/QUOTE] Yup, was the best head I could find for the model. And the original heads of the Wehrmacht models aren't eyeposable in SFM.
And now ? How is it going ?
Sorry if this will get anyone's hopes up, I'm just checking in to ask how it's going.
There is no progress up to date. I don't know when I will have time to start porting again. If I do all I will post it here . Sadly there is a lot of school stuff to do and not enough time. If each day had 48 hrs RO2 models would be all done.
They are really great! Thanks!
[QUOTE=-Rusty-;32857207]Sorry man but those look terrible.[/QUOTE] I have a challenge for you! Make better then!
Really can't wait for a release.. Also, how do you use RnL (Reistance and Liberation) maps like that, along with models and that?
Maybe just load them in GMod and pose the models? Jeez... Also stop shitposting, this thread is frozen until BtZ has some time to do the models.
Well I'm sorry for asking reasonable and logical questions. I'm also sorry that we are not all a computer genius like you seem to be. I guess saying that BtZ is doing a great job and asking reasonable questions is bad here.
It's not that your questions are stupid or anything, but they got ask so many times in this thread that they are getting repetitive. Do a little research on google about mouting games on gmod. If you can't find now tell us you looked then ask. We've seen too much people just asking ridiculous questions.
An Kriegsmarine skin... [IMG]http://sournoishack.com/uploads/1626451417gm_flatgrass0000.jpg[/IMG] Link for people who want : [url]http://filesmelt.com/dl/OLOLOLkriegsmarine.rar[/url]
Sorry to bump trust me i am but is there a download link for these models?
There is a link. Although heres the quick tutorial Hauptmann posted: "1. Download Tortoise SVN : [url]http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html[/url] 2. When its done, install it. 3. Tortoise SVN is installed ? Create a new folder. 4. Go to this folder and right click. 5. In the menu, click on "SVN Checkout" 6. On the menu that appears, paste the link of the SVN ( [url]http://beatthezombiero2.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/[/url] ) 7. Click on the button "OK" 8. Tortoise SVN is donwloading the file, wait for the checkout end. 9. Cut and paste you folder in you addons folder." Now it should be a piece of cake.
Thanks that helped a lot! :D All I have to do now is get those damn RnL materials, models and maps...
[QUOTE=ShadowOfDoubt;40159103]Thanks that helped a lot! :D All I have to do now is get those damn RnL materials, models and maps...[/QUOTE] Its very easy to get the materials, models and maps, but if you don't know I can send you a PM if you want :eng101:
[QUOTE=ShadowOfDoubt;40159103]Thanks that helped a lot! :D All I have to do now is get those damn RnL materials, models and maps...[/QUOTE] Give the thanks to Hauptmann, without him so wouldnt I know how to use these either! I just thought that you wouldnt want to look through the thread for the quick tutorial.
New skin : [IMG]http://sournoishack.com/uploads/50475502gm_scenebuild0029.jpg[/IMG] Still in beta
Really nice! Great work! :v:
Looks great!
It's not a screenshot thread. Especially not "first screenshot" thread.
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