• Halo Reach Jetpack
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So I know I'm like the 4238952345th person to ask this but I'll ask it anyway. Can someone port the Jet Pack from Halo Reach please?
No one can port from Reach right now. [editline]23rd April 2012[/editline] Wait, you knew you weren't the only one asking, but you asked anyway? If it doesn't happen the first few times, it won't happen if you keep asking.
[QUOTE=Blitzkrieg Zero;35694894] ...it won't happen if you keep asking.[/QUOTE] you never know... there could of been someone who figured out how to port from reach or some motivater out there who built one from scratch. I like to think on the bright side. [B]Edit:[/B] Also instead of raining on my parade could you at least link a good alternative?
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