• Animating a model in blender then to faceposer and then to hammer
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  • [url]http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1188904&p=36223089#post36223089[/url] here is my original post I want to animate the Klonoa model, in any way possible. I'd prefer to use blender completely to animate the model. However, I don't know how I would access those face sliders that are available in face poser in Blender, does anyone know? If so, I could just do everything in Blender, which is easier in the sense that I would just all be using one program instead. And tbh doing this in source seems like a mess. also since the model i am using is not an npc, how would I go about putting them in hammer? If I have to use source? Can any experienced people lend me a hand? Also of importance is the model I am using, the animations from faceposer like for other characters do not work on him. I am new to this, maybe the sliders for facial animations are in here but I don't see them? [url]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/46294175/klonoaanimated1.blend[/url] Just a 2 second basic animation Note I had to decompile the model and then to smd
  • If the model has no .vta, then either there aren't any face flexes or the decompiler didn't grab 'em. You'll know they're there when you see some Shape Keys (seen below the Vertex Groups). I don't think you animate the mouth in Blender, though: just able to work with the flex sliders. All keyframes need to be done in Blender, separate animations exported as .smd files, and properly called for in the .qc. For example, if you have a character running without actually moving across the view, then no movement will occur.
  • Thanks for checking the thread. Yeah it has a .vta and a .qc file. I imported the .qc file and it's like i am looking at two meshes now. Here's the .blend if anyone wants to take a look [url]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/46294175/klonoaqcfile.blend[/url] Is it possible to animate the mouth fully in blender? I'd actually prefer to just use Blender, well unless something comes up. EDIT: Let me check the shape keys, never used them before. EDIT2: So I checked the shape keys, however when I click on one, it activates it, but changing the value from 0-1 does not do anything. Could you take a look since you seem pretty experienced?
  • The extra model you are seeing would be the physics body, so be sure to have the actual model rather than the physics model selected. There's also this button you can press: [img]http://i717.photobucket.com/albums/ww171/Treevis121/Help.png[/img] This allows for each shape key to be immediately activated when selected. I don't know about using shape keys in Blender completely since I've never tried, but the slider will prove to be useful if you still want to try making the mouth move in Blender rather than the Faceposer. Search up some tutorials about shape key animating, those will help more than what I can do.