• Request to rig CS:Source hands onto Quad Shotgun from CSO
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Hi, managed to get the Quad-Barreled Shotgun from CounterStrike: Online, and I want to see if anyone can rig the Counter-Strike Source hands onto the model, rather than the default ones, while keeping the animations intact. If any kind soul can do this, I will be ever grateful... Also, I'd prefer the end result to be sent back as SMDs, rather than a compiled model. Here is the model, complete with textures and *.smd's [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?gfe9cvgsf7bj4yg[/url] Preview of what the model currently looks like: [img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120119065853/cso/images/a/ad/Qbarrel_draw.jpg[/img]
If someone is willing to do this for a quick $10, I can send $10 over paypal for a completed, and working job done...
Anyone have an idea of how difficult this would be to do? I hoping to get this done soon for a small project of mine. Due credit will be given to whoever rigs the new hands on the model.
I'll try to do it. Not sure when I can get it to you if I don't finish it today though.
Ah, thanks! Looking forward to it.
I'll have a try at it. I haven't rerigged before but I've watched tutorials out of boredom and more knowledge for when I start CS:GO rerigs.
Ah, neat. Thanks, I appreciate the help. When you have something ready, just get back to me in a timely manner. :)
So, how's progress?
[QUOTE=Mossj32;35881800]So, how's progress?[/QUOTE] While my opinion may be void, why don't you just installl this shotgun into counter strike source and simply rename the files so that it installs ok.
This isn't for CS Source. It wouldn't work anyway, since it's not a re-skin for any existing weapons. It's from CounterStrike: Online, which has a Quad-Barrelled Shotgun. The reason I want the CS:Source hands rigged to it, is so I can use CSS glove textures. The intended use is for a GMOD SWEP, and also a mod project for Skulltag, and I wish for consistency.
Hello? Just checking up to see if anything is going on... any progress, or anyone else up for the task?
It's been 2 months now, and still no word back from anyone...
Hello? Is there anything I should do to encourage someone to help out?
Altogether you've bumped this thread seven times. Either you give up on it or ask somewhere else, about 85% of requests never get fulfilled anyway.
*sigh* I just hate it when people come along saying they'll try to do it, and then jump ship, leaving me in the dark without a single word...
i will try this for you
If you could, it would be much appreciated. Thanks. :) Just be sure to post back here, to let me know how things are going...
I just noticed I never replied after I said I would try. I did try but due to the way I normally do things and the way the bones are rotated in this model I wasn't able to.
Ah, alright. Well, at least you tried, and finally replied... that's much appreciated.
I completely forgot about this. Sorry man. [url]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/31115055/pointless_shit/css_rig/cs_hands.SMD[/url] Not the best rerig ever but it should work
Thanks a bunch! Though... Unfortunately, this seems to be the end result: [img]http://shadowmavericks.clanservers.com/files/Pics/DerpBones.PNG[/img] I may be doing something wrong though...
[img]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/31115055/pointless_shit/css_rig/cso_rerig.png[/img] It's working just fine in 3DS Max
Odd... Did you make any changes to the Reference SMD? This is what happens when I import the CS Hands first, the Shoot animation second, and the ref last: [img]http://shadowmavericks.clanservers.com/files/Pics/DerpBones2.PNG[/img] I'm using Milkshape.
Only thing I edited was the hands reference. I could combine the two references and see if that works since it looks like the animations are fine [url]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/31115055/pointless_shit/css_rig/combined.SMD[/url]
That did the trick. Thanks! Milkshape must have some weird bug on importing SMDs... I could kiss you right now. Heh. If you want, I can send you $10 over paypal for your trouble.
My paypal account is limited and anyways it took me over 2 months to do this. I doubt I'd even deserve money
The only thing that matters to me is that it's done now, and I can continue with my project. The least I can do is post a video on here with the thing in-game when it's ready. :P
I know this thread is old as balls now, but, I want Game Zombie to know that his work was appreciated, and hasn't gone in Vain: (Don't mind the primitive appearance of the room and textures, that's since been polished, detailed, and textures properly aligned.) I can post some video with the weapon in action if anyone wants... it's pretty intense. [img]https://shadowmavericks.com/files/Pics/smmpshots/Screenshot_Doom_20120710_000250.jpg[/img]
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