• FutureCop L.A.P.D. (or: TH89 gets a mech too!)
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I tell you, that windshield is impossible to get right. I've just given up on getting an accurate shape by this point. :P [img]http://snyder.kundor.org/img/x1a3.jpg[/img] [img]http://snyder.kundor.org/img/x1a4.jpg[/img] [img]http://snyder.kundor.org/img/x1a5.jpg[/img]
Dude I used too play this game all the time I love furture cops and there mechs.... Good Job! So Far....
I used to play this with my mate on his PS1! Brill!
I played this on PS1! lol
It flys, it shoots, it walks. Hell yeah! :D
I also loved the game back on Playstation. It'd be great to see it in gmod. :D
I played the demo of that game, AND I WANT IT SO BADLY!!!:(
I LOVED this game on PS1 and i loved it !!
I really do hope you do this justice, and so far, looks like you will. I've reinstalled the game now, ah memories.
[QUOTE=Jammy D]I really do hope you do this justice, and so far, looks like you will.[/QUOTE] Believe me, so do I XD [img]http://snyder.kundor.org/img/x1a6.jpg[/img]
Preaty good model don't stop.:)
This is looking pretty good. Don't give up on this, dude. I want a mech model!
That looks cool now
That looks aweosome! At first it looked like a combine hunter chopper replacement...
Is it big or samll or human size?
I would hope it would be to scale. That being said it should be around as tall as the Vmod mech.
Make it two sizes one big one small about human size.:) But i would like a small one human sized.
That looks awesome. The windshield looks accurate enough, to me. Any updates since the last? Oh, look! I bumped an old thread! If anyone doesn't like this, tough shit. It's not against the rules.
Oh my god! I loved FutureCop,but I lost it and I've been searched for I guess almost a year for FutureCop and Tenchu 2,but I've never found them yet.Awesome model! Make sure to skin different colors.
It reminds me of this really old game for my old power mac called syndacit (that's most likely not how you spell it). It had cops in hover cars and mechs that look almost exactly like what your making.
Ahhh... brings back memories of the past. I remember i played Future cop alot back when i was a kid, anyways the model looks "kickass"
[QUOTE=Editor2]I'm NOT going to press that link.[/QUOTE] Now which of you will drop the meatspin link? Also. Complete it and A) ragdoll it B) release it C) code it onto vomd mech and D) Finish the hind!
[QUOTE=TH89]Oh yeah, I played the Mac/PC demo--I don't know if it was the same as the PS one but it had a big tank with a flamethrower and stuff. And I got stuck for a long time trying to figure out how to finish it. :D[/QUOTE] I've still got the original cd. This game is very cool. Too bad it's very old :( Edit: Have a thanks, I was waiting for my old war machine. :)
Don't forget the red mech too!
You've got me in the mood to play FutureCop L.A.P.D. again! Will we get it in it's hover craft form too?
Damn it, where's my cd? I want to play this game so much..! I can't wait for the release.
[QUOTE=KILLTHIS]Damn it, where's my cd? I want to play this game so much..! I can't wait for the release.[/QUOTE] I can't find mine either. :( [b]Edit:[/b] Yay, I found it! But it doesn't work in my PS2. Hmm... *goes looking for PSX* [b]Edit:[/b] Yay, I've got the game working! I completed the first mission! :D And, now that I've seen the original in action, rather than on some YouTube video, yours looks really accurate.
Any news on this?
Is the game freeware yet?
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