• Share some sick electronic, no dubstep
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  • Sounds like some rave shit. No way I could chill to that, but could probably party to it.
  • Also OP you should look up Feint, he does a lot of chill and melodic music if that's what you're looking for
  • 74 Is the New 24 & Creep are pretty sick. I'll check out Feint tomorrow, getting a bit late here.
  • oh yes, Scandroid is good stuff. Here have some more synthwave stuff (these will probably only work in the US, sorry) And now just for other stuff I've been digging lately
  • ive been addicted to hard trance and jungle. will post some later when im not on a phone if i remember to
  • The Danganronpa series has some excellent tracks up its sleeve. I'd not recommend looking at the comments or related videos on these if you've not played the series. (You should check it out if you haven't).
  • No Chemical Brothers? Allow me to share one of my favorite albums. (Skip to 5 mins in or so if you're impatient, it really picks up) I also really liked Born in the Echoes, but I can't find a link other than a playlist