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[IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/30wtrgk.png[/IMG] If you're a fan of Arrested Development or The Office, you'll probably like It's Always Sunny. Not that they're very similar, but people who like either of them usually also really enjoy Sunny. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia revolves around the life and exploits of a group of friends, or "The Gang" who own a bar in South Philly. Stars: Mac (Rob McElhenney) [img_thumb]http://unrealitymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/mac-always-sunny.jpg[/img_thumb] Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) [img_thumb]http://uweb.und.nodak.edu/~kaylee.nesdahl/charlie_bar.jpg[/img_thumb] Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) [img_thumb]http://uweb.und.nodak.edu/~kaylee.nesdahl/sunny-philladelphia-barglen-original.JPG[/img_thumb] Diandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson) [img_thumb]http://uweb.und.nodak.edu/~kaylee.nesdahl/sunny-philladelphia-barkaitlin-original.JPG[/img_thumb] and Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) [img_thumb]http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2009/09/15/arts/dannyAB.jpg[/img_thumb] The humour is often crude, awkward, and at times, incredibly witty. Themes often revolve around taboo issues, such as abortion, molestation, drugs, guns, racism, and just about every other thing you can think of. Each episode (this is best after season 1 as it was reversed in season 1) starts with an introduction scene, that cleverly leads into the title of the episode in big white text on a black background. This is almost always hilariously done. The soundtrack to the show is very upbeat, orchestral, classical and easy listening. This is often seen as an ironic choice of music, considering the show's crude, chaotic and dark themes. The show is written mostly by Rob and the rest of the stars. My favourite character by far is Charlie Kelly, the glue huffing, illiterate man-child. Charlie lives in a shithole apartment with Frank (DeVito), who, due to all the cats meowing outside their apartment, have to induce themselves into a sort of coma every night by gorging on cat food and beer. Season 5 just finished airing on FX, and season 6 is currently in the works by the gang. I really look forward to it. The show is fucking hilarious and if you don't watch it there is something wrong with you. [img]http://i38.tinypic.com/29er8zq.jpg[/img] EXTRA BEHIND THE SCENES/MAILBAG CONTENT: Features hilarious viewer questions, behind the scenes action, and more. [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/FXnetworksSunny#g/u[/url]
Was the last episode the one where they tried to write\be in a movie? Haven't seen a new one since then. Also, pretty much the whole cast is married to eachother :v: Charlie is married to Waitress, and Mac is married to Sweet Dee.
My favourite eps are "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person" "The Nightman Cometh" "Mac and Charlie Die" "The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis" "The Gang Gets Invincible" "Mac is a Serial Killer" and "Mac & Dennis: Manhunters"
I loved all of them, they never seem to get old.
I own the first 4 seasons, can't get enough of Sunny in Philly, funniest damn show on TV.
There's no limit to how much I love this show.
I recently started watching this show and i don't even know how i could have missed it. This show is fucking hilarious. Perfect cast to be honest.
Only 5 episodes are there but if you haven't seen the show before you can see some of them here: [url]http://www.hulu.com/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia[/url]
My favourite episodes are "[B]The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation[/B]" and " "[B]Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass[/B]"
This is quite probably the funniest show i've witnessed Danny Devito in since Taxi. Just when I thought that the Tv and Film's bottomless chumbucket had claimed him, he gets on this show.
This is the best show ever.
Caught an episode on TV one time. Was cracking up. Great show.
Confound your lousy toll troll... ssssssssssssss...
Hilarious show. I love it so much
I've only seen 4 episodes, I can never catch it This show is really fucking funny
I love the Green Man episode. Show needs more Green Man.
"Does he have a little arm or a little hand or something?"
[QUOTE=Swiket;20223126]I love the Green Man episode. Show needs more Green Man.[/QUOTE] I fucking love Green man, he should be in it more often. But not too often, it still needs to be special. Riot punch
i love the episode where they go around beating the shit out of masturbating homeless people and charlie pretends to be al pacino
Been meaning to watch this. I think this is the next show I'm going to watch through the seasons of
I was almost green man for halloween. But I figured spandex wouldn't be a great idea.
[QUOTE=Alteir;20223429]i love the episode where they go around beating the shit out of masturbating homeless people and charlie pretends to be al pacino[/QUOTE] God dammit Jack Bauer, you really are something. :patriot:
[QUOTE=Benji;20223480]Been meaning to watch this. I think this is the next show I'm going to watch through the seasons of[/QUOTE] I almost watched every single episode of every season in one sitting. It's one of those shows that just doesn't get boring [editline]03:14PM[/editline] Nightman, sneaky and mean. Spider and sand in my dreams, I think I love you. You make me wanna cry, you make me wanna die. Oh I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you Nightman. Every night you come into my room and pin me down with your strong arms, you pin me down and I try to fight you, You come inside me, and fill me up and I just come for the Nightman. It's just two men sharing the night, it might seem wrong but it's just right. It's just two men sharing eachother, it's just two men like loving brothers. One on top and one on bottom, one inside and one is out. One is screaming he's so happy, one is screaming a passionate shout. It's the Nightman, feeling so wrong and right-man. It's feeling so wrong it's right-man, I can't fight you man when you come inside me and pin me down with your strong hands and, I become the Night, The passionly, passionate Nightman.
this show owns
i love this show
Best show ever, been trying to get a friend into it as well.
The Nightman Cometh = WIN.
Rob McElhenney was in the latest episode of Lost.
I don't think there's a better show on basic cable right now.
The clips they show of the city show the Comcast tower half built, they finished it like 2 years ago, they should update it.
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