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I got two new tv spots for you guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgXHO4x33lE https://youtu.be/R_ap9c8M8H4
here's a clip from infinity war. https://twitter.com/ComicFade/status/977708996009349120
well Agents of Shield is gonna be in my nightmares this week
Finally got around to seeing Black Panther (I wrote a blog about it here: Jurassic Mark), it was alright. Lots of good elements that felt totally under-utilized; like, we get this surprisingly compelling political conflict about whether or not Wakanda should reveal itself to the world, where both sides make valid points and there are no easy answers, but then the film is just like "lol yeah don't worry about it it'll all work out". Maybe something they can expand upon in a sequel (DC's current Aquaman run is delving into a lot of the "our king implemented a bunch of progressive policies to help introduce us to the world and grr we don't like that because what we were afraid would happen is happening and now he's trying to keep it all together" stuff and I feel like something similar would be perfect for T'Challa), but for this movie it just felt like too clean and rushed of a resolution. Also there's that hilarious part around the second act where they seriously actually expect us to believe that he's dead, as if Infinity War isn't coming out in a few weeks. They totally could have used that 20 or so minutes to develop T'Challa as a character (maybe we see him survive and pull himself up by his bootstraps without the herb or his friends), but instead we're all expected to just play along. M'Baku and Killmonger were cool though. But I don't know if I can forgive them for killing off Klau in the first fucking movie, like what the fuck guys. I know Killmonger had to get into Wakanda somehow but Klau is like, THE Black Panther bad guy. Not to mention it was Andy Serkis; my hype for the inevitable sequel is already kinda damaged knowing right off the bat that he's not gonna be in it. All in all I wouldn't rank it up there with stuff like Guardians 2 or Winter Soldier, but it's not in Age of Ultron or Thor 2 territory. It's right around Doctor Strange for me; it's pretty okay and that's about it.
That was to give more character development to other characters than T'Challa, not make you believe the other thing. Also in writing this post it occurs to me I don't know how to spoiler tag things. Anyone help with that?
highlight the words, click the eyecon
But I feel like the only one to really get any development was Okoye, considering how she chose duty over morality (and that had a nice little resolution during the climax). Other than that, it was basically just everyone walking up a mountain saying "aw jeez this sucks I wish T'Challa was here my feet hurt" until they bury him in snow. M'Baku being based as hell helped that bit from feeling totally pointless, though.
Production Has Begun on ‘Captain Marvel’ Coulson and Ronan The Accuser confirmed for Captain Marvel
Really missing the Winner rating right about now, because the possibility of a redeemed Ronan (or at least seeing the character properly done justice) is sure as hell worth one.
Coulson being reintroduced in a prequel, hopefully so he can appear in A4... right?
If they can get Coulson and team in Avengers 4 it would so fucking awesome
Huh, weird that A4 finished production before CM even started, even though the latter is coming out before A4
The fuck happened there? also, [sp]the hydra boys are back in town[/sp]
I’m just afraid they will contradict AoS in CM
Movie canon > Tv canon
Maybe an alternate reality brought about by the Snap? The current Avengers are lost in time and new superheroes suddenly appear, Coulson's alive and Nick Fury is now David Hasselhoff?
I'm down with this
I wonder how Star-Lord would react if he's around to see David Hasselhoff reprise his role as Nick Fury
I know that, but I just hope it's very little.
I can see AoS doing an episode where they travel to an alternate reality and Hasselhoff cameos as Nick Fury.
That alternate reality would be a lot more fun. It'd make the MCU look much more like the Ultimate universe than it already does.
New posters based around the gemstone colors. https://imgur.com/a/LmgH6
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/207615/bdba3cab-4ca1-4dc2-9677-6a61a23e2cb2/WM.png So this is where Megatron ended up now the Transformers films are dead.
Dude that was fucking brilliant. I was breathless for an hour after seeing it.
Looks like Marvel finally learned an using variations of Avengers Theme for trailers.
what about it was nightmare inducing?
Hm, interesting http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/agents-of-shield/news/a853655/agents-shield-showrunner-confirms-events-avengers-infinity-war-will-catch-shields-attention/
which movies didn't?
The last movie I remember them acknowledging directly was Thor 2.
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