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[QUOTE=camcole1;33321881]oh, ok, i was just thinking, this was a new season. But WHAT!?!?! I have to wait till then now?[/QUOTE] Yep.
[QUOTE=camcole1;33321175]Is South Park Coming back soon? We've only had 7 episodes or so... and it says SEASON FINALE WTF!!!!!!!!!! I have waited since August for October 5 (not steve jobs, RIP) for southpark, now... do i have to wait for october 5 again?? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU And this episode was funny as hell[/QUOTE] There's always a break in the middle of a season, this was the last half of it. The first half ended with Stan's parents getting divorced and him contracting cynical asshole syndrome
It's Called Assbergers
[QUOTE=Mr. Someguy;33310127]I think the Agnostic thing was just targeting religious people in general, as they do. I didn't understand the Penn State thing though, was that random or is there backstory to that?[/QUOTE] i'm guessing you haven't turned on a news channel in the past week lol basically a highly revered coach at penn state (along with some other high ranking people) who was coaching there for a very long time had been molesting kids [editline]18th November 2011[/editline] the penn state jokes were hilarious, i couldn't decide if the agnostic jokes or the penn state ones were better
What am I, a penn state recruiter?
so was that the last episode?
[QUOTE=JohnFisher89;33336284]so was that the last episode?[/QUOTE] until the next one :v:
[QUOTE=JohnFisher89;33336284]so was that the last episode?[/QUOTE] Of this season, yes
This episode was so awesome! Can't wait until next season!
New season starts in 10 days, possibly the brony episode.
[QUOTE=Scot;34996838]New season starts in 10 days, possibly the brony episode.[/QUOTE] I am [B]SO[/B] going to watch that episode.
There is no brony episode, that picture/description was fake.
[QUOTE=Reaper3_3;34998853]There is no brony episode, that picture/description was fake.[/QUOTE] Are you sure? Because I found this. [url]http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0121955/episodes?year=2012[/url]
IMDB is editable, there is no other source to back it up. We'll know for sure when we see trailers or actual tv guide descriptions (ie the comcast show guide thing). Again you have to remember that this was supposed to happen last season and it didn't happen. My guess is it won't this season either
[QUOTE=Devil Traitor;35004739]Are you sure? Because I found this. [url]http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0121955/episodes?year=2012[/url][/QUOTE] They don't even start making the shows until a week before they air, this rumor is months old. Plus it sounds like a terrible episode.
Yeah, even Matt and Trey don't know what the hell they're gonna do till the week they make the episode.
Great season premiere, was really ridiculous and I loved it. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/dgaLu.jpg[/IMG] [i]Just need to check yo asshole.[/i]
South Park has been going downhill the last few seasons.
I laughed my ass off at this episode.
that episode was amazing
That excited feeling when you suddenly remember that a new episode of some show was aired a few days ago. Good episode btw.
Highlight of the episode, for me: Craig's mom getting gutted by a goddamn toilet :v:.
The Masturbation scene sold it for me.
This episode really reminds me of Eat, Pray, Queef.
One of my favourate episodes is when the internet goes out and everyone flees to find refuge, whats the name of the episode?
Over Logging
I was totally prepared to see Clyde's mum go all mummified-looking from having her insides sucked out by the toilet... Bit of a shame they didn't get all graphic on that, feels like a missed opportunity. Can anyone explain to me what exactly this latest ep was having a go at? Normally you know instantly what they're taking the piss out of but this might be one of those things that just went over my head. Is it just having a go at people not standing up for themselves and letting someone else do all the work and wipe their asses for them? (America?).
Making fun of TSA for being very "anal" about security. Someone else can probably explain it better.
[QUOTE=Carne;35200726]Making fun of TSA for being very "[B]anal[/B]" about security. Someone else can probably explain it better.[/QUOTE] The pun :suicide:
[QUOTE=Derp Y. Mail;35201511]The pun :suicide:[/QUOTE] Well it's true. It's a stab at the Transportation Security Administration on many levels, mainly incompetent employees, poor employee screening, untrained agents with unchecked power, etc. Especially the guy masturbating, which was based off a real incident (which I cannot find the article anywhere). Other than that, there have been reports of TSA Agents being busted for everything from stealing luggage to child pornography.
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