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[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/HZMjUp1.png[/IMG] Doctor Who is a BBC science-fiction television programme which has been running for over half a century. [B]If you've never watched Doctor Who before, start from the first series of the revived show, from 2005. It's designed as a jumping-on point for new viewers.[/B] [QUOTE][B][U]What's it about?[/U][/B] Doctor Who chronicles the adventures of The Doctor, a thousand-year-old alien with two hearts who 'goes zooming around space and time, saving planets, fighting monsters and being pretty sort-of marvellous' (in his own words), in a machine called a Type-40 TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) that he stole from his own people, the Time Lords. [B][U]Who is The Doctor?[/U][/B] As a Time Lord, The Doctor has the ability to completely renew his body when he is fatally wounded or sick (a process called regeneration). Every cell in his body changes, so each time he regenerates, his appearance and personality are greatly altered. So far he has regenerated ten times, meaning there are eleven 'incarnations' of The Doctor: [B][U]The First Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by William Hartnell (1963-1966, 1972), Richard Hurndall (1983) Grumpy old man who kidnaps some school teachers by mistake. He's quick to run from trouble and try to avoid getting involved. Died from exhaustion after battling the Cybermen. [B][U]The Second Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Patrick Troughton (1966-1969, 1972, 1983, 1985) Much sillier and a bit younger than The First Doctor. He was eventually put on trial by his own people and then exiled to 70's earth with no way off. He was also forced to regenerate. [B][U]The Third Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Jon Pertwee (1970-1974, 1983) Third Doctor wore a cape and did Karate. He spent most of his time trapped on earth but eventually got off only to be killed by giant alien spiders. [B][U]The Fourth Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Tom Baker (1974-1981) Possibly the most loved Doctor. Completely crazy. Tried to escape danger by using confectionery and wore a long scarf. Genuinely hilarious. Fell from a satellite dish during battle with The Master, died slowly (but cheerfully) on the ground. [B][U]The Fifth Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Peter Davison (1981-1984, 2007) Much more youthful than his predecessors and had an affinity for cricket and celery. The Fifth Doctor was a much more energetic and emotional man. Died from poisoning after saving a friend. [B][U]The Sixth Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Colin Baker (1984-1986) Loud, rude and arrogant, but with a great deal of compassion. Not a very popular Doctor at the time and the BBC blamed him for the shows falling reception so sacked the actor. This Doctor died after banging his head. [B][U]The Seventh Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Sylvester McCoy (1987-1989, 1996) Initially clownish and silly, but this doctor developed into a cold, logical manipulator who would do whatever necessary to ensure the safety of the people he was protecting. He was shot to death by Chinese gang members in San Francisco and then killed by American surgeon who didn't understand his biology. [B][U]The Eighth Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Paul McGann (1996, 2013) Born with amnesia due to regenerating while under anaesthetic, it took this Doctor a while to grow into his romantic, compassionate and much more human persona. This Doctor was killed in a spaceship crash. He was revived briefly by the Sisterhood of Karn, who persuaded him to regenerate into a warrior so that he might end the Time War between Time Lords and Daleks that threatened to destroy all of creation. [B][U]The War Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by John Hurt (2013) The mysterious, brooding warrior that ended the Time War for good. He aged considerably between the beginning and the end of his life, suggesting that he may have fought in the war for many centuries. Following the conclusion of the Time War, his old age caught up with him, triggering the regenerative process in much the same way as his first incarnation. [B][U]The Ninth Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Christopher Eccleston (2005) On the surface he's mysterious and quite cheerful. Unable to remember the events immediately prior to his regeneration, he believes himself to have destroyed Gallifrey and wiped out the Time Lords, leaving him bitter and vengeful. His friend absorbed the whole of time into her head and he had to sacrifice himself to save her. [B][U]The Tenth Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by David Tennant (2005-2010, 2013) The show really kicked off while he was Doctor. He was like an eccentric scientist. A bit weird and silly and hyperactive but also acted quite human and emotional. While The Ninth Doctor was bitter about the Time War, this Doctor was just incredibly depressed and full of regret. He died absorbing radiation to save a friend while battling The Master. [B][U]The Eleventh Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Matt Smith (2010-2013) Possibly the most alien Doctor of the bunch? He's very childish and barmy one minute but serious and broody the next. He's essentially a crazy old man in a young man's body. After fighting in the siege of Trenzalore for hundreds of years and ageing greatly, The Doctor was granted a new regeneration cycle by the Timelords who were trying to return through the cracks in reality. He succumbed to his old age and entered the first regeneration of a brand new cycle. [B][U]The Twelfth Doctor:[/U][/B] Played by Peter Capaldi (2013-????) Much grumpier and more 'brutal' than his predecessor, the Twelfth Doctor was not beyond sacrificing one to save the majority. He also believed strongly in letting the human race sort itself out, rather than intervening himself. Given the nature of time travel, every now and again different incarnations of the doctor run into each other. Some incarnations quite liked their predecessors (for example The Sixth quite liked The Second), but more often than not they fail to get on. It's been confirmed that at least The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors will feature in the 50th anniversary special in November.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE][B][U]What's the risk?[/U][/B] The Doctor can still die if he doesn't have enough time to regenerate. But the main sense of threat in the show isn't to The Doctor but the human companion he travels with. Every Doctor has had several human companions so I won't list them all. The other sense of threat is to the people that inhabit that place or time. The Doctor also has a series of arch-enemies: [B]The Daleks[/B] The Daleks were the invention of a great scientist named Davros, who created them in an attempt to end the ongoing war between his people, the Kaleds, and their enemy, the Thals. They were the mutated descendents of the Kaled people inside fearsome battle machines, whose sole directive was to destroy anything that was not a Dalek. The Daleks eventually turned on their creator as he was not a Dalek himself. [B]The Master[/B] An old childhood friend of The Doctors from his home planet. The Master is evil. He wants to completely dominate the universe and rebuild it in his image. He's also totally mad and loved disguises or hiding in plain sight. [B]The Cybermen[/B] They were once humanoid too but destroyed their own bodies through cybernetic implants and now travel the universe turning anything that isn't a Cyberman into a Cyberman. [B]The Weeping Angels[/B] If you don't know what these are I won't spoil it. I imagine most people reading this info are looking to watch the series for the first time and will start from 2005. So I'll let you discover what these guys like everybody else. When you're over a certain age Doctor Who stops being scary. Unless it's these guys.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE][B][U]Where can I watch?[/U][/B] New episodes of Doctor Who are broadcast on Saturdays on BBC1 in the UK, BBC America in the US and ABC in Australia. They're also available online on the BBC iPlayer shortly after airing and repeated on BBC3 the following Friday. If you can't make it to a TV to watch an episode, our very own Dain streams the episode when it airs. You can watch it here: [url]http://www.livestream.com/dain_who[/url] As for older episodes, there's a number of places to watch them. In the UK, freeview channel Watch often shows post-2005 episodes. Many of the post-2005 episodes (and a growing number of classic episodes) are appearing on Netflix and iTunes. Aside from that, the classic episodes have been slowly released on DVD since 2000, and box-sets of each post-2005 series have been released. CoolCorky going to stream classic episodes every now and again here: [url]http://www.livestream.com/coolcorky?t=524104[/url] [B][U]What should I watch?[/U][/B] If you're completely new to the series, it's best to start from the first episode of the revived series from 2005 (with Christopher Eccleston). If you're in a hurry, you can also start from series 5, Matt Smith's first series. This was also designed as a gentle reboot of the show, so much so that some promotional material even advertises it as 'Series One'. But starting from the 2005 series is still the best: [B]2005[/B] - Series 1 Between Series 1 & 2 is a 'linking' episode found [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjOhaX1VF3g"]here[/URL] [B]2006[/B] - Series 2 [B]2007[/B] - Series 3 Between Series 3 & 4 is a 'linking' episode found [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I76p1cZbq4"]here[/URL] [B]2008[/B] - Series 4 [B]2009[/B] - Series 4 Specials (loads of people miss these) [B]2010[/B] - Another Series 4 special (vital, don't miss), Series 5 Between Series 5 and Series 6 are two special episodes found [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51JtuEa_OPc"]here[/URL] & [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkmiefoRcfU"]here[/URL] [B]2011[/B] - Series 6 [B]2012[/B] - Series 7 Part 1 [B]2013[/B] - Series 7 part 2, [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U3jrS-uhuo"]50th Anniversary Prequel[/URL] (vital, don't miss), 50th Anniversary Special, Christmas special (also vital). [B]2014[/B] - Series 8 Once you're past that (and if you're still interested), you can start to delve into the classic Doctor Who episodes from 1963-1996. Not all of them are that great, but there are some standout serials: [B]First Doctor:[/B] The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Chase, The War Machines, The Tenth Planet [B]Second Doctor:[/B] The Power of the Daleks (missing from BBC archive currently), The Enemy of the World, The Mind Robber, The Invasion, Tomb of the Cybermen, The War Games [B]Third Doctor:[/B] Spearhead From Space, Frontier In Space, Planet of the Daleks, The Three Doctors, Planet of the Spiders [B]Fourth Doctor:[/B] Robot, Genesis of the Daleks, The Pyramids of Mars, The Robots of Death, Logopolis [B]Fifth Doctor:[/B] Castrovalva, The Visitation, The Five Doctors, The Caves of Androzani [B]Sixth Doctor:[/B] The Twin Dilemma, Attack of the Cybermen, The Two Doctors, Revelation of the Daleks [B]Seventh Doctor:[/B] Time and The Rani, Silver Nemesis, Remembrance of the Daleks [B]Eighth Doctor:[/B] Doctor Who (TV Movie), The Night of The Doctor Stories in italics are pre/post regeneration stories. They may not be the best story-wise (except for Caves of Androzani because that one's great), but they establish continuity between incarnations of The Doctor. Beyond Doctor Who itself, a number of spin-offs have emerged since the 2005 revival, which expand the Doctor Who universe in different ways: [B]Torchwood[/B] - Darker and Sexier, with all-bi main characters and death every episode (Except Series 4, but that's the whole point of the series) [B]Sarah Jane Adventures[/B] - Fluffier and Lighter, featuring old companion Sarah Jane Smith with her alien-clone son Luke, and his school friends as they fight budget-quality aliens [B]K-9 [/B]- Australian based show set in London, featuring a new K-9 who's teamed up with a teenage cyber-terrorist, a nutty anti-social professor with a makeshift TARDIS, a typical teenage girl, and a teenage mechanic in a Dystopian future, what could possibly go wrong?[/QUOTE] [B][U]Spoilers:[/U][/B] Some people enjoy just watching the show when it's on, whereas others like to follow production from script-writing to airing. Both types of people read this thread, so please spoiler-tag anything that hasn't been officially announced by the BBC or that hasn't aired yet. So for example, the news that Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor is fine as is saying that Tom Baker appeared in the 50th anniversary episode, as both bits of news have been either officially announced on the BBC website or are related to an episode that has already aired. Likewise, don't image tag things like filming photos or screenshots from unaired episodes. ... [IMG]http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110710140652/tardis/images/8/8e/DA_Master_close_up.jpg[/IMG] [I]Original post by CoolCorky. Old threads: [url]http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1265854[/url][/I] [I]Pastebin of the thread so when we hit the post limit it's easy for someone to make a new one: [url]http://pastebin.com/DPf29xDn[/url][/I]
Seeing as filming started recently will we see an earlier season release?
How I never saw this thread I will never know. Also spoilers thread? I thought we talked about this sweetie. No spoilers.
I think there was a big discussion with a mod in the film/tv section about spoilers and then it was decided we could mention them.
I believe the rule is that spoilers are allowed after it airs. Prerelease stuff like set leaks should be tagged
This whole General Discussion mashup. It's like trying to find a specific item out of the Doctor's bigger on the inside pockets. Also, for the new thread, felt like digging up this old beauty. Snapshot of the thread in the closing months of the 50th year: [img]http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/340/5/3/whofacepunch_by_andrewnuva199-d6x07bm.png[/img]
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Got some juicy spoilers from Twitter which I'm not going to tag. [QUOTE]Steven Moffat's started destroying the TARDIS, and the show is to be cancelled by episode 4. #DWSR[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]#dwsr Capaldi caught doing the Capaldance on top of the TARDIS console. Rumour has it Episode 5 will be called Rise of the Gifs[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Latest reports suggest that Orson Pink will get his own spin-off series #dwsr[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Steven Moffat Announces A New Character Called 'The Gatekeeper Of The Ranisphere' And Tells Us That Her Short Name Is 'Rissy' #DWSR #dwsr[/QUOTE] [QUOTE][url=https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B7BEgIKIAAAjS9u.jpg:large]Kroll spotted in Wales[/url] #dwsr[/QUOTE]
The block currently being filmed is a [b]two-part script by Toby Whithouse![/b] Directed by [b]Daniel O’Hara.[/b] Produced by [b]Derek Ritchie.[/b] It's all looking very Being Human, behind the scenes :v: [img]http://i2.cdnds.net/15/03/618x360/doctor-who_peter-and-jenna_series-9.jpg[/img] [QUOTE]"An amazing guest cast for a brilliantly creepy two-parter by Toby Whithouse," said lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. "Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are back in Cardiff, back in the box, and back in action - for one of our scariest adventures yet!" Capaldi added: "The adventures begin again for myself and Jenna and I'm delighted to be back filming my second series of Doctor Who."[/QUOTE] Paul Kaye, Morven Christie, Arsher Ali, Colin McFarlane, Sophie Stone, Zaqi Ismail, Steven Robertson and Neil Fingleton guest star. [url]http://blogtorwho.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/doctor-who-series-9-news.html[/url]
Whoops, missed this one At least the thread has a decent enough following that there are two people who made a new one (though I'll miss not being able to mess about with shit in the OP :v:)
hello everyone
Yay two-parters.
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I got lost finding this place
[QUOTE=Mr. Agree;46932329]I got lost finding this place[/QUOTE]don't worry, you're safe now
Really enjoyed last series, felt quite fresh with Capaldi in the driving seat. Hope it continues this year.
[IMG]http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110727145232/tardis/images/1/13/Silent.jpg[/IMG] And now you wont remember why you drew on your arm.
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doctor who thread v. where the fuck is the series 8 soundtrakc god fucking dammit
[QUOTE=Drewsko;46927194]This whole General Discussion mashup. It's like trying to find a specific item out of the Doctor's bigger on the inside pockets. Also, for the new thread, felt like digging up this old beauty. Snapshot of the thread in the closing months of the 50th year: [img]http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/340/5/3/whofacepunch_by_andrewnuva199-d6x07bm.png[/img][/QUOTE] [t]http://i.imgur.com/nlD5o8z.png[/t]
[QUOTE=Marzipas;46933376]doctor who thread v. where the fuck is the series 8 soundtrakc god fucking dammit[/QUOTE]They really should just release the soundtrack with the DVD. :\
Does GD still have that rule where threads are pushed out of sight after a certain amount of time or something? It was the anti-megathread rule.
[QUOTE=Dan2593;46941047]Does GD still have that rule where threads are pushed out of sight after a certain amount of time or something? It was the anti-megathread rule.[/QUOTE] They now sort by latest post by default, but threads auto-lock after 5000 replies.
[QUOTE=Ezhik;46933669][t]http://i.imgur.com/nlD5o8z.png[/t][/QUOTE] [img]http://i.imgur.com/AaLh5rL.png[/img] Also I didn't watch the Christmas episode and can't really be bothered. Should I watch it or just leave it?
watch it, it's probably the best christmas special they've done yet
Bask in 12's [B]unofficial[/B] musical glory [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxSCrR7rXpI[/media]
[QUOTE=UberMunchkin;46941141][img]http://i.imgur.com/AaLh5rL.png[/img] Also I didn't watch the Christmas episode and can't really be bothered. Should I watch it or just leave it?[/QUOTE] [MEDIA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EbwDKr3jbU[/MEDIA]
i need that in my life murray gold is a fucking genius
I had a dream I found Christopher Eclestons phone number and I called it and he said "Hi this is Chris, leave a message" so I said "Hi Chris.... Fantastic" and hung up and told everybody.
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