• Warframe XIII - Tenno, are you ready for a Sacrifice?
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Nidus is my go to frame. His second ability on top of farming infestation stacks makes him near unstoppable if you have AOE weapons for the ability.
Mag just crushes (heh) Warframe in general. Incredibly powerful frame, nobody plays her because she's not splashy or particularly fun. I'm going to have to concur that Ember is trash. She's not even as good as Saryn or Equinox when it comes to clearing low level trash anymore because of how her ult works.
Is playing with other Nidus players the reason I keep getting these gross infested cysts on my frames?
Any frame with a cyst can spread it to others. Nidus Warframes are just "patient zeroes".
Give me a goddamn Nyx rework already. She feels so forgotten. Especially with that awesome deluxe skin coming, don't let it go to waste on a weak frame
They basically ruined everything fun about Mag and called it a day.
The new mag is a lot more fun than the old "spam polarize to nuke the whole map" one. Mag as a whole is a lot better now than she was pre-rework. And you can do plenty of work with her without a Lanka, I never use it and I still end a majority of missions with highest damage dealt.
I started playing again and apparently I was levelling Mag and had a Drakgoon to level up. It took me a while to realise that Magnetise + Drakgoon creates a bubble of what I call BlendSpace. Endless fun watching enemies charge straight into their certain and messy doom
it only happens to new frames. Once a frame gets it, its immune. Also wish nidus' quarters on the ship had more stuff to do if you owned the frame. Like maybe change his 3rd ability to a summoning ability for your own customized infested pet.
Actually frames are only made immune if they remove the cyst in the helninth chair. If they drain the cyst for an infested doggo they can get it again.
They technically already have it again if they go to drain the cyst instead of removing it. Draining the cyst simply reverses the fully-grown cyst back to its initial "you've got space AIDS and don't know it yet" state, so you are sort of immune to getting it again (at least as far as getting it from another player, anyways).
They vaguely discussed some content for that room on devstream, but that was a long time ago. Kinda like the Kingpin system.
Think I'm ready as I'll ever be to join the clan. IGN: OpethRockr55
Loki is way better than I thought it'd be. Invisibility and radical disarm are OP as fuck.
There's a reason Loki has a cult-like following.
Hyped as fuck for that Nidus deluxe. I'm crossing my fingers that it comes out this week. Already farmed the plat to get the bundle.
Give him the right weapons and he's pretty much unstoppable. I know the lack of direct damage abilities put me off for a while, but when I finally decided to just go for him I had no regrets and he remains one of my favorites.
Done, sorry for the wait.
tbh the best frames are the ones with broken defensive abilities. Rhino prime will easily carry you with his armor ability alone till the end end game.
I'd probably rank Loki in the top 3. His long invisbility + Radial Disarm (w/ the aug) are incredibly, incredibly strong in almost every single mission.
He's even more fun with hushed invisibility making all of your weapons silent. He trivializes spy missions.
Hushed Loki was my go to until I got Ivara and her augment
I wouldn't count on another deluxe, a lot of them have been piss poor looking recently. I've been enjoying more of the tennogen shit than deluxe at this point.
Daily Reminder our resident Master Noob made the best syandana in the game
Apparently the first mission after the daily reset awards double credits. The wiki doesn't explicitly say this but mentions under farming tips (which it states may not be true): Because the Sortie timer and the daily login timer are independent of each other (about 7 hours apart), you can exploit this to complete the first two Sortie missions, then complete the third Sortie after the daily login timer resets for an easy doubled first win bonus reward of 100,000. Any truth to this?
100% true. I do a quick 5 wave run of Akkad on Eris to net around ~50 000 after the reset before going to bed usually. (Nearly 100 000 if I get a credit booster) Wonder if it applies to the Index rewards, because that might be worth getting less sleep for.
Yea it just occured to me I should check the comments on the wiki. It does indeed work on the Index aswell and people have raked in some hefty sums. Also neat knowing it stacks with credit boosters.
Wellp, I know what I'm doing tonight.
holy shit i've never known about this time to get DOSH
If I wanted to buy a trash Gorgon riven that I could work with, how much Plat do you think it'd cost? I haven't bothered much with Rivens until recently so I don't wanna get scammed.
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