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IIRC they removed the lore scrolls from the game. IDK how you can unlock bits of lore now.
one person in the match randomly gets a lore scroll at the end of the game, but I think they completely removed lore from duels and 2v2's so people don't farm. Not 100% on that second bit cause I don't play duels much anymore.
Oh, well, idk if thats good or bad. I guess it's better than wait almost a whole week to get a confirmed drop?
I've gotten a few lore scroll drops since the change and most of my time spent in the game is generally to get my daily challenges in. So it doesn't seem too bad.
So whats the best source port or otherwise method to play Blood ? Saw the BloodGDX in OP, that worth trying out ?
BloodGDX is your best bet atm, otherwise it's DosBox. BloodGDX is reverse engineered from the leaked alpha source code, and the author tried recreating it as faithfully as possible, even to the point of trying to sync up hour-long demo recordings. And it's got multiplayer and mods too. Running the original on DosBox can be quite the pain in the ass due to rendering issues (e.g. certain screen resolutions don't work properly) frequent crashes and having to use a bmouse patch to get non-awful mouse control. So unless you're allergic to Java, pick BloodGDX.
I skipped the match intro cutscene and I fell right through the map https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/214349/b9fb3a6d-1ecb-4036-a991-3aa743fb96de/20180807145558_1.jpg though i got a chest after the match and what I got made me so happy https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/214349/4c10aeb3-8615-4dd1-80dc-937d5baf5bad/20180807150507_1.jpg
My dream is to live in a world where HQuake exists.
Gotta have theTitilating Triangles, huh?
Ogres are supposed to go R. Kelly on you if they kill you, has anyone made that into a mod yet?
The mod will just make this enemy a hot woman with dog ears. Problem solved.
Remember, guys, we've got less than 24 hours to go! Here's the link to the stream the reveal will be at in case you need it!; https://www.twitch.tv/Bethesda
Are you sure it wasn't just for the E3?
Nope https://twitter.com/Quake/status/1027600548751724546
So, now that I've played him, there is zero content linking the Death Knight to Quake at all, none of his ingame dialogue even references anything at all. It's literally only his lore tab.
alright but how do you connect those accounts to twitch? i dont see the options in the connections area where you connect steam and what not
Log into the Bethesda website with your Bethesda account and you will be able to link your twitch account to it through there.
Technically his ability.
Heads up. Here's one more reminder for tomorrow. https://twitter.com/bethesda/status/1027645746588397569
I want DoomSlayer Senpai to kill demons for me
i want doomslayer senpai to kill me
https://twitter.com/DOOM/status/1027792487249793024 Charge up those BFGs, people. It's almost time.
God, the wait is so short, yet feels so long. I've got a thread in the Videos subforum for the stream in case any of you want to discuss it there or something.
Todd is everywhere
I'm just really happy they didn't call it Doom II
Daaamn, that classic style plasma gun.
Lol now they're showing the "real" gameplay
holy heck that looks fun
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