• Reagent Games no longer working on Crackdown 3, seemingly shuttered
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read: Company might be dead, game probably not. Troubled development very likely.
So basically like Duke Nukem Forever after 3DRealms shut down? Weird, considering there was a trailer at E3 just a few weeks ago...
I never expected the destruction, as shown in the 2015 demo, to actually ship
It isn't as bad of a case as changing hands, as Crackdown 3 has got 4 developers. Quoting from wikipedia: Cloudgine will help to develop the core engine, while Reagent Games, a studio located in close proximity to Cloudgine, will develop the gameplay and art assets for the game, with Sumo Digital developing the game's campaign mode and Crackdown 2 developers Ruffian Games providing assistance.
But the cloud though.
Microsoft has a habit of showing trailers for exclusive games that just get cancelled. *cough* Scalebound *cough*
Welp that explains why only Sumo was on the front of e3 trailer. Also basically everyone on Reagent's management team now works for Epic so not really a surprise.
Loved crackdown 1. Hated crackdown 2. Was looking forward to crackdown 3.
It's insane to me that this game is so far deep in development hell. It seems so bland. The world design reminds me a lot of Agents of Mayhem, and that world wasn't fun to explore at all. Futuristic designs like that just look so uninspired and lazy. I think that's also the reason a lot of people don't like the futuristic CoD games.
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