• Undergrowth - An Adorable Puzzle Platformer
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Hey y'all I thought I would share this with its own thread. My partner and her team at university have just finished their course and this is the result of their last year project. It is currently available on Itch.Io as pay what you want. We're looking for feedback and any comments you guys have! https://youtu.be/cyRWqZ6WtxQ Undergrowth is a 3D puzzle platformer which follows Yuuna, an elderly pika across the newly fractured world in an attempt to save her family! Dig Anywhere Yuuna is able to dig through most terrain in order to reach the undergrowth, which allows her to explore an entirely new environment on the underside of each level, as well reaching areas previously inaccessable. Yuuna's Green Thumb  With her many years of experience, Yuuna is able to quickly grow a variety of plants. They range a bouncy mushroom, allowing her to reach new heights, to a large plum that helps her cross bodies of water or smash obstacles, and more! You can grab it here for free or pay what you want! Undergrowth by Tanuki Tech
This is cute. One thing I've found in trying to make Tub is that level design is a hard hard slog, looks like you guys are on top of that.
Gameplay looks solid enough, all it could really use is a little brush up on the animations, not sure if its the video quality but the standard walk cycle makes it look like the character is gliding somewhat.
As far as I understand the level designers spent a at least 7-8 hours a day for roughly 8 months straight on them, and entirely scrapped them 3 times before being satisfied
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