• Monster Hunter - PC can finally get hip checked too!
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Why. https://files.catbox.moe/gvu6w4.png Just Why.
I'm honestly surprised at how well it runs for me tbh. I expected it to run a lot worse on my AMD R7 200 series + i5 2500. Settings are on low ofc. but that's fine as long as I have no framedrops. Still not sure on what weapon I'm gonna focus. I wish it was easier to join friends though, feels a bit unintuitive.
It's so pretty and runs so smooth. I really like the results screen being screenshots for the finishing blow. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/966472081909683607/7A16D0044C27DD4B5BE097C82D922B14C3C131F7/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/966472081909787374/39CD39790B7220516AF239209E75B03AD9519B15/
It's still irritating when literally every other game made in recent memory is instantly able to recognise a gamepad without having to go through other settings first. (thankfully I dont actually have to use big picture mode, that's an unnessecary step.) On a brighter note, now that it's working and i'm out of that godawful tutorial the game is still really good.
Bowguns are so fun to use now god damn. I never got into them because of the 3DS clunk but thanks to the upgrade to the controls I'm having an absolute blast with them.
I see that the same public game error that I had with the PS4 version is chasing me here too now
The controls with keyboard/mouse are so... so so bad... Thank god using a ps4 controller fixes everything. Not sure what weapon to go with still.. just using the normal sword and shield for now I guess...
so has anybody made a fp monhun steam group yet so we can do squad online sessions? also maybe a discord?
Considering this is the first monster hunter game I've actually played instead of watching a playthrough, enjoying it so far. But some shit is real tedious and holy fuck handler shut the fuck up let me skip all this I don't care about your monologs GOD DAMN.
i forgot to put it in the OP, i guess ill make a steam group too if we want that
Weird everytime I run it I get them on the sides, could be a multi screen issue as it always tries to launch windowed first?
im dual monitor and it launches full so idunno
I had this the first time I launched it but the second time onwards I haven't had it again. Not sure what caused it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZkqLvbxnZQ With the PC release of MHW, I want to share with y'all my favorite Monster Hunter video out there so far
15 hours on day of release, this game is going to be the end of me.
a schedule for event quests can be found here: http://game.capcom.com/world/steam/us/schedule.html
Anyone else having horrible microstutter? It honestly makes the game feel like its 30fps and it's giving me headaches.
im p much new to the series can you buff basic weapons?
There's no buffing, but you can forge/upgrade weapons to do element damage or give status effects.
Not in the same way you'd buff armor to increase its defense. Improving a weapon means using materials to change it into a new weapon. You can see the upgrade tree in the smithy.
item stats can be changed through armor skills to increase base damage/specific elemental damage. Other than that you can further temporarily raise your damage by using demondrugs/attack powder/might pills
game runs like ass in certain areas on a i5 4690k and 970 gtx, 398.36 drivers, i got all things low but resolution high, anyone with similar specs having bad performance?
I hadn't had any issues until I crafted my first thunder weapon. Then the hitstop turned into straight up stutter. Fighting a jyuratodus nearly made me sick.
thanks for the advice, with gamepad can you control your lock-on? its the one thing that is pissing me off about keyboard controls, it switches at random i cant even select the head on sleeping monsters
The switch axe is fucking amazing
Only advice I'd give in terms of performance is essentially setting everything that has a "Variable" setting to that setting. So, LOD Bias, Volumetrics (or just turn that off), and yes, even resolution scaling if you're still struggling a bit. Doing that, I went from getting mid 40s and low 50s, to high 50s - 60. Every other setting barely affects performance really. Not even shadows really, which are usually notorious for tanking framerates. Also, foliage sway can kill performance, but it looks so good that I'd recommend just trying to tweak everything else before you disable that.
For ya new MHW players here, when the blacksmith gives you a free Attack Up Jewel, you treasure that shit and don't sell it off or destroy it, the drop rate of that is abysmal. I've so many hours endgame grinding and I've yet to have a single one drop for me.
It's so good to play Monster Hunter again, haven't played it since 4 Ultimate. I found myself getting distracted and just running off to capture critters with the net the first time I went to the Ancient Forest.
Found what it is, its related to bad multi monitor support. I run a triple screen setup and it fights for which monitor it should launch on which causes the ingame aspect ratio to not scale correctly. Fix is either disable one screen, mess with drivers or hope luck is on your side and it launches correctly for once. Or use borderless windowed which is just a massive fucking no thanks.
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