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Finished the main story. Final boss was amazing (hell almost all the boss fights were a lot of fun), and even though it was obvious how Peter and Otto's relationship would end the game still does a great job at making it feel tragic and emotional. I also was not expecting May to die, really caught me off guard and made me tear up I have 4/9 districts at 100%, gonna work on getting the Platinum. The DLC can't come soon enough.
Beat the game earlier today; and am now sitting at 99% completion. So absolutely loved the ending of this game and third act in general. Fighting each member of the Sinister Six was awesome! Especially loved the combo fights that led up to what I feel is one of the strongest boss fights in awhile with Doc Ock. Loved the moment when they're battling on the side of the building and honestly this felt like it could have been the end of a MCU film. Than the tear-jerking follow up with May actually hit me harder than I thought even though I saw her death coming. My only complaint, and it's minor for me while I could see it being a bigger issue with others, is a part of me wishes that all the villains had been spread around the game more evenly say like Batman. Still as a whole Spider-Man excels and is easily the best Spider-Man game to date. Come on Insomniac, get cracking on that sequel!
Maybe i didn't notice something, but considering that during the helicopter segment showed at e3 they removed Martin Li and replaced him with a generic henchman, when did Spiderman learn that he was the leader of the Demons? The next section is basically the city hall bombing scene, and after that he just assumes Li's the culprit.
I just realized I never went to see the Statue.
You just have to fuck around until you get them. The game actually makes it easy for you since it'll only spawn crime missions from factions you've yet to clear out. I got it rather easily by essentially setting up a circuit across town between science stations. Simply traversing the city in between those points was enough for random crimes to occur, and I just had to generally avoid areas which I had already cleared out.
Gonna take me a while to get all the secret photo ops to get the secret/last suit
was honestly not expecting how good this game was. this could have been a movie, with a story that good. amazing work by insomniac, cant wait for the DLC and inevitable sequel
Co-op with Miles when?
co-op with miles would be fuckin rad, i just hope they aren't planning to kill pete in the sequel
Finished the game, did every bit of side content as soon as it was available, got all the towers and back packs before repairing my suit at the start of the game even. Realized I should go check my trophies, realized I was only missing two to get platinum, web tripmining 10 enemies together, and visiting Uncle Ben's grave. So now I'm all finished with the game until DLC hits.
I expected that to happen in this one and then finish of the game as him tbh.
The last act of the game had me bawling my eyes out. What an amazing game, I'm still hooked after beating it which is a rare thing for me. Also the Last Stand outfit is fucking rad. Haven't changed suits since I got it
I really like the Anti-Ock suit and the Dark Suit you get from Black Cat. They're the closest I can get to the classic symbiote suit.
I can already see a Symbiote Suit in the future and the power being something like long range tentacles or something like that
Yeah, it's pretty much a lock for the sequel thanks to the post credits scene. I was bummed out when I heard it wasn't in this game but I'm super excited to see the symbiote and maybe Venom in the next one
I just hope they'll not ditch Eddie Brock again, though it seems very likely, unless the symbiote leaves harry and escapes.
A coop spider-man game is something I never knew I wanted, but now desperately need. Like, swinging along the city and racing to your destination, trying to be faster than one another. Then in fights doing team-up moves on enemies and one partner webbing them up while another pummels them. Yes. Please.
I think it's a nice change, rather get something different than rehashed also platinumed yesterday
There are not many games I can totally 100% and still feel like playing without getting burned out but this game's combat and movement are so fun I'm still playing it days after. I can't wait for new game+, this is definitely my favorite game of the year(and probably favorite spider-man thing in general).
Got the Platinum and all the secret photo ops. Now to wait impatiently for October 23rd
[spoiler]Anyone else notice that the Anti-Ock suit has Raimi triangle eyes? Reference to Spiderman 2, who's main villain is Dock Ock?[/spoiler]
Are there any sites that sell PS4 games for cheaper? In CAD the game's like, $100 here
I can't say I'm that fond on the Anti-Ock suit, how is it Anti-Ock? The special just being to refill gadgets (something that can be used on anyone and isn't that special) seems like a waste, during the fight I used it a grand total of 0 times, like, I didn't feel the need to use it, Web Shooter alone is adequate to combat his arms and that regenerates by itself anyway, what's the point? Random out of nowhere suit for me anyway, I don't really care much for it as it doesn't fill a role outside of Bases.
The writing and story was honestly better than half of the Spidey movies.
I wish there was shortcuts to quick gadget change. I understand they're limited by controllers but the flow really breaks up with that wheel
That suit is basically the game's own Spider Armor. It has extra padding and it's made of stronger materials compared to the standard suit. I just wish the Spider Armor MK2 wasn't in the game because it kinda ruined the surprise, considering it has a pretty similiar color scheme and concept.
It'd be great if there were actual combos based on combinations of the attack/web buttons, like combos that ended in you firing an impact web (or just switching gadgets so you can easily hit R1 to use it) or just something to make the hand to hand a bit more interesting I get that in this game Spider-man's gadgets are just as important as his fists, but If I recall correctly the Spider-man 2 game did let you weave in web moves into your combos and had a ton of different moves (the aerial inverted pile driver was a personal favourite). The simple controls in this game are good for letting you do exactly what you intend, but mashing Square does get a bit repetitive. Just merging the combos with the gadgets more would be the right way to go I think I have other issues with the combat in general tbh, like how even the most basic enemies can track you in the air and wind up for a punch to land it when you hit the ground (almost like they don't take into account your vertical position when they're tracking for an attack) despite them having no idea you were going to land. Brutes have pretty insane range, often I found myself dodging directly away from attacks only to have them pursue me all the way down the street and smack me in the back of the head when I was attacking another enemy. Dodging too early (and even if spider sense is active) can fuck you over too, since brutes will just track you and hit you after the dodge (for most attacks, you have to dodge at the exact right time to avoid getting hit - simple repositioning won't work.) When pursuing a vehicle enemies can hit you accurately with a pistol even if you're a hundred meters above them and swinging at high speed - you absolutely have to dodge if you don't want to get hit. In the end, this all might be because I'm playing on the hardest difficulty, but sometimes it feels a bit unfair.
The voice actor for J. Jonah Jameson sounds so much like Bryran Cranston at certain points I mean I know it's not a quick change between all of the gadgets but if you double press the gadget button it does switch between the 2 most recent ones you've used
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