• The Hottest New Rust Server (RUSTOLO)
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Hey Guys, my name is Michelangelo, I'm here with CustomHD, leader of the HD clan that usually plays on Rustafied Long. Together, we have created a modded server that features a tiny map and 2x gather, with a better loot system in place. We don't even have rads, cause who needs those guys? Another thing we dont have? Workbenches. Honestly, Fuck those things. This is Rust, I dont have time to sit around and wait for shit, I wanna get out there and knock some kids heads together. Our Launch date is today, and Bp's will wipe on every month. So Come on out To RUSTOLO, and let me welcome you to YOUR NEW FAVORITE SERVER! https://discord.gg/Whzs2v6 We are doing a giveaway that will be giving 4 VIP kits and 1 VIP + kit away today for our wipe day. TINY MAP, EXPLOSIVE ACTION.
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