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Nah this isn't a one off thing, it's been like this for hours since I started new game I just didn't notice it because I was very careful. I've loaded previous saves and put my soldiers out in the open surrounded by 8 enemies and not 1 hit for multiple turns, aside from a snake strangle and a psionic domination who fired his grenade launcher point blank and it "missed", something that should be impossible. And I tried starting new game, delete xcom config files; same thing, like I said: weird.
Any mods?
Well yea a few... 202 of them as it happens, I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to character customization. The ones I've added since I last played (none-characterCust) or have been updated since then are More Squad Size Upgrades - WotC Affordable SPARKs [WOTC] EC Map Expansion WC_PhotoReBooth [WOTC] Quick Soldier Info None of these should change anything shooting/missing related, I guess I'll try unsubbing one by one once steam workshop actually works again Also bought Shen's last gift DLC
Nabbed it before the Workshop went down. Shit's infuriating, but I'm glad my MEC bois are back.
jeez the old games don't fuck around, i've already spotted a sectopod on my 1st terror mission
That... shouldn't be a thing even at Superhuman, I think. Alien Appearance Ratios In fact, that's flat out impossible.
So I decided to try out some XCOM modding again. There was this old mod that was mentioned here awhile ago which added "Idle Suppression". Basically making it so the units fight one another while they are idling, or atleast look like they are so it's more visually appealing. Since there isn't a WOTC version, I decided to see if I can whip up something: http://4o3.nl/d43b4.mp4
does openxcom have anything to do with it?
never mind, it's actually a reaper
Man, that's literally confusing the weakest enemy in the game for the most powerful. While it's not your fault, I find it extremely amusing.
I'm actually progressing on this faster than I expected (Might be a bit loud) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-0jZnkUmuE Vietnam 2: Ayylectric Boogaloo
That looks incredible. I remember I posted a video of a similar mod awhile back, but I don't think it was ever finished. And then WotC came out, so I never got to try it.
they're both walkers ok but since sectopods arrive this early
Yeah that's what I based it on. It was finished but it was really hacky and never made it's way to WOTC. This one is a lot less hacky and should be more stable.
Hey if anyone is interested in play testing this mod so I can see if it handles well on other people's game, hit me up on steam. I could use a tester or 2.
Aight folks, mod's out, have at it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1469163357
not gonna lie, i like this a lot, but it made my head hurts from all the gunshots and particle effects flying there and forth
I want to see that mod, in tandem with the mod that let's you have as many units as you want in a mission. Could you imagine the fucking chaos
I'd be like this but with more laser return fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvx-ixOpgHM
that's what i'm doing recently so many, it crashes the game
The thing is, I've been digging deep into some engine code to see why that was happening, and then I noticed, RAM usage kept increasing over time. But it wasn't specifically because of my mod, it was increasing every time a unit takes a shot. The game has some sort of issue when it comes to cleaning up visual effects, and my mod kinda highlights that issue on weaker PCs.
wow i feel like an idiot for not using the mind probe against this snakeman who recently tanked my 3 shots then successfully killed my soldier
Any advice for beating the game on Veteran? I'm about 70% through and am really struggling with some missions. Shoulda started on rookie but I thought "I'm familiar with xcom and how it works so I should be fine"
What're you struggling with specifically? The best advice is to Alpha Strike and break Line of Sight whenever possible.
Exploit the everloving shit out of phantom rangers. Half the time you can move everybody up to just outside of the enemy LOS, overwatch them, and then get them to run into your overwatch. That means you're shooting them on their turn, and then getting your entire turn to finish them off. The sharpshooter ability that lets you use overwatch with squad sight is incredibly powerful too, because they don't even have to path towards you to trigger this, they just need to walk on their turn while your phantom ranger is watching them. Also fighting single pods at a time is extremely important, a squad of six soldiers almost always has an advantage when fighting a lone pod of aliens. If you run into multiple pods though, the odds quickly tip against you.
Yeah last time I played i activated 2 pods at once, one of them being a sectopod, paid the price for sure. I have 1-2 phantom rangers now, and yeah they are extremely useful. Mostly I'm having trouble with movement and proper placement of units before attacking. It's hard to tell how well my ambush is gonna play out until it's all over.
The "Gotcha Again" mod is extremely useful, it lets you know if your movement will trigger overwatch or activate a pod as you're mousing over a tile. It's all information you have access to anyway with the LOS indicators, but the mod makes it so much more convenient and warns you of bullshit sightlines that are hard to see.
I don't see the reason why you would need to really know his stats? That's all that Mind Probe does.
https://youtu.be/MI6dU_qYBwc i'm genuinely impressed with the mobile port of openxcom, it's not as cumbersome as i thought
ACTIVITY COMMANDER. EU/EW WEAPON, ARMOR AND ARMOR REVAMPS SPOTTED ON THE NEXT STREAM TEASER. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/210630/b913bab0-9975-48de-84fc-fd7e78657631/Screenshot_20180928-195120.png Have they done it? Have they ported EU to X2s engine and thats what these streams are building to?
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