• Steam and Steam games won't load
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Hey, I need some help with my Steam. Whenever I try to connect, it says " Connecting to Steam account". Then a box pops up saying we encountered a error, then two buttons that say "don't send and Send error". Any help on what to do? Oh and I tried to Ctrl-Alt-Del to end the process but it didn't show up on the list
Reinstall and this should probably be in fast threads.
Thanks, I figured to put it here because it had to with games
Sorry for the bump and late reply but I reinstalled it and it still won't work. It takes me to the log in page and then the error comes up
bumping again for help. Seriously, this has gone to far. I deleted the .blob files, deleted mt Steam folder, reset, disabled firewalls etc, and deleted them. Still, having issues
Have you tried reinstalling Steam?
[QUOTE=xmaners10;15958505]Have you tried reinstalling Steam?[/QUOTE] :ughh: Have you tried doing a virus scan? One time it didn't log in because there was a quite nasty virus on my omputer.
Have you tried doing a system restore to when it was working?
[QUOTE=Marler;15962638]Have you tried doing a system restore to when it was working?[/QUOTE] This. Do a system restore to a point when you were able to use Steam. There should only be minor side effects and any files in your documents should not be removed.
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