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megathread :) i like that
[QUOTE=Mbbird;34533784]Uh, yeah. The only hard part would be finding space for 3 LMG box pouches. Just your ability to run long distances is impeded. Arma 3 will have a vest carry capacity system apparently (or was it speculation?) so we can only hope for a JA2-esque system. That way you'll be able to justify the carrying of all that shit, so long as the soldier you play as can lug it around.[/QUOTE] err the weight itself would be pretty damn heavy, that's why. if they have a vest carry I hope different loadouts show up on your playermodel, that would be nice. A nice part about CoD4 and CS:S is that the gear you carry shows up on your playermodel.
Is the dynamic zombie sandbox working for anyone else with the Arma 2 version?
[QUOTE=Flubadoo;34529741]Hmm, any ideas for a fun and fucked up 2-man coop mission?[/QUOTE] I remember a two man coop mission a friend of mine made that we played. Basically, it goes like this: Nighttime insertion behind enemy lines, with you two (plus an optional squad) assaulting a lightly defended town. This town has slightly good guns/ammo, but most importantly, cars, which will take you to your next objective. On your way to wherever, you have an option: assault a slightly better defended enemy town (which has APCs or better armored cars, your choice), or skip on the vehicles and assault a helicopter base with what you have. The helicopter base should be moderately defended, etc etc, fight fight gun shoot boom okay. You get the helicopters, and fly to an airfield, which is well defended. You steal some jets, and complete a bombing run on [INSERT HEAVILY DEFENDED/PLOT IMPORTANT TARGET HERE]. Basically, it's an awesome sabotage mission. [editline]13:37[/editline] Another mission that I made had one person being a criminal, and having to pick up a package and drop it off at a dropoff point, while the other player is a cop, and must kill the other player before they make the dropoff. This is best done on Zargabad, or confined in another large-ish city. It's also a good idea to have ambient civilians/vehicles on, so the runner can blend in better.
[QUOTE=n0cturni;34503251]Do people still play OFP1?[/QUOTE] Absolutely! I still play it with the CSLA 2 mod.
as You maybe noticed we updated our BIForum recently (there are multiple skins for these who dislike the new design just look at bottom left side of any page on forum, there is quick selection menu) please post comments (here or in our forum), suggestions etc. (especially if you know some great, stable plugin we shall add :) ) etc.
The most fun I've had with ARMA 2 (oa) was playing with some dumbasses online. It was hilarious when one ran out and everyone else (including me) had to work through their mistakes.
Ah, I find it funny that these threads always seem to pop up when I start playing a game again. I recently got back into Arma 2 (with Ace) and I discovered this thread. The game is so immensely immersive and it's awesomus maximus.
Didn't 2nd say something about hosting games on friday and saturday?
[QUOTE=simkas;34542489]Didn't 2nd say something about hosting games on friday and saturday?[/QUOTE] there was one today didn't join cause I was playing gmod with LEETNOOB oh well
I always want to pick Arrowhead up on a sale, but every single time one appears, I've spent my money the day before.
Do any of you know if I can use the same ARMA 2 CO disk, install it on my brothers computer after having it on mine, and play multiplayer between the two?
[QUOTE=Trooper0315;34550836]Do any of you know if I can use the same ARMA 2 CO disk, install it on my brothers computer after having it on mine, and play multiplayer between the two?[/QUOTE] probably should be able to, doesn't hurt to try.
new OA beta 1.60.89223 : [url]http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?131008-ARMA-2-OA-beta-build-89223-(1-60-MP-compatible-build-post-1-60-release)[/url] as i promised new feature - [B]SMAA anti-aliasing [/B]:) in new + updated documentation beta [url]http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/arma2.cfg#ARMA_2:_Operation_Arrowhead[/url]
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