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Anyway we can help ?
[QUOTE=Itsjustguy;34443874]Anyway we can help ?[/QUOTE] Creating maps is a good way to help :) They just need to function, not be too boring and up for download. we haven't been able to do anything because I've been at college alot, and Luke has been on a mini-holiday :)
What kind of maps ? Adventure and relative ?
No, maps that provide a challenge that two people can compete in :) Like spleef and such
We're recording episode 2 tonight, when the video is up should I put it in this thread? or make a new one?
Loved it
Keep it in this thread, Have it be a MEGATHREAD, you could ask a mod to change the name of the thread aswell.
[QUOTE=commander204;34653658]Loved it[/QUOTE] Thank you very much :)
So when's the next episode gonna come out?
[QUOTE=evlbzltyr;34713092]So when's the next episode gonna come out?[/QUOTE] Well it was going to be today, but youtube has been flatout rejecting my uploads for the past three days because apparently they are duplicates. I've tried naming them differently, but it still seems to have problems. I'm going on holiday for the next few days, so it can't be for a while now. I'll try again as soon as I get back, and naturally update here to say so :)
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