• Is "Fallen Earth" Good?
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My step dad is thinking of getting it. Is it bad, good, or good GOOD?
It was [b]ok[/b] during alpha, stopped playing halfway through closed beta, hopefully it's been improved enough since then. Needs a damn trial already.
verdict: meh.
I didn't like it at the end of beta, it just didn't seem great at all to me. The concept is great though.
It was a nice idea, but near the end of beta I also didn't like it that much. Not the kind of game I'd be keen on paying monthly for, but you may find it fun. Unfortunately I don't think there's a trial yet so..
It just seemed clunky and complicated to me. The tutorial was pretty poor and the controls seemed bad.
It was pretty crap when i tried it.
I only played the beta, it was amazing then. Apparently they fucked it up on release though.
I currently play it, I really like it alot and they're working really hard to fix all the little bugs and such that happen, they are going to keep cranking out patches and the game is just going to keep getting better and better. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me also, i'm glad to help out anyone interested in playing Fallen Earth.
I enjoyed the beta but have never felt the urge to buy the final game.
It sucks and ISN'T worth the money. Everything takes soo long to do, and i play EvE, so don't give me shit about not having patiences..
I've never understood why people don't like Fallen Earth. It seemed really good during beta. Did something major change at launch?
It's not bad, it's not good. It's just meh. It fails to grip me.
My stepdad got it. One complaint. ONE COMPLAINT! I don't wanna press tab to loot, then press tab again to fight. The controls become subconscious to you after a while
Its free to play now im. Im gonna get it. It looks like fallout but alot better im gonna give it a shot
Both of your threads are terrible and you should feel terrible. [editline]11th February 2012[/editline] WAIT YOU HAVE 3!? 2 of them identical. Oh jesus.
It's VERY VERY dated.
Very average game.
Well'p, seeing as I leveled up my character up to 55. I'd shed some light. endgame content: [B][I][U]NOTHING BUT PVP GET USED TO IT[/U][/I][/B]
Welp. F2P makes it a slightly more relevant game, but with what has been said: scratch this one off the list?
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