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[QUOTE=sarevokh;34638462]The problem is Valve is currently completly giving the finger to every fan action attempted. -Usual daily mails sent to Marc Laidlaw, Gabe Newell?? ----> No answer, or totally vague answer. -Those two canadians setting next to Valve HQ??? ----> Best answer from Valve so far : they gave them food, they invited us in their office, they let them play DOTA 2... But still NO INFO on HL3/Ep3. -The answer to the first "HL3 T-shirt?" ----> T-shirt confirmed, HL3 NOT. -That Operation Crowbar? ---> Again, they answered to the fact : 1) they received the crowbars, 2) they will make something of them, 3) they even posted some photos of the crowbars next to Portal 2 awards, or for cutting chocolate. But still : NOTHING about HL3. -That current HL CFC?? ---> N.O.T.H.I.N.G. How a "thank you Valve" action is going to help us?? .... OK, in fact I "see" the true objective of the OP is just to thank Valve... Yeah, thank Valve... Go thank this developer who has published fifty-awarded GOTY games, has sold millions of their games, gain massive money from their Steam platform... Everyday the community is "thankful". We're not talking about that poor Raven Software company who completly fell into oblivion despite their sympathetic Singularity game, and the SoF series... Jesus, I can also add that we have the biggest modding community of the VG world, numerous people who work every day since more than 10 years, working their ass off and sometimes doing extremely long and complex remakes and enhancements of the original games and add-ons... So yeah, our "thanks" to Valve are already and since a decade, far beyond the words.[/QUOTE] I will only agree with one part: We should be sympathetic for Raven Software. They made pretty awesome games, now they're just a COD map factory. :(
Oh, many people would say "Raven who?". SoF (the first one) was my favorite FPS with HL at this time. And Besides SoF2, no FPS were THIS violent. Shooting enemies in the balls, blowing their guts out, seeing them choke after cutting their throats... This was so fun. And the story of SoF1 and 2 was so cliché that I occasionnaly bursted in laughs.
[video=youtube;EtMNe3VtnrM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtMNe3VtnrM[/video] This led me to: [video=youtube;WtUxgOfN00A]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtUxgOfN00A&feature=related[/video]
I'll thank them when they give us some info on EP3.
[QUOTE=Asdroxia;34618134]Don't you think you're going a bit overboard when you dream about the CEO of your favourite game production company?[/QUOTE] because we totally have control over the DMT trip we experience at night. No fact is we dream we cannot simply just make a specific dream, sure we could control what happens in it but 99% of the people cannot do this so in terms with that how can you just say that he is going overboard with a dream he pretty much had no control over?
I hate you so much valve. Everyone know that why....
OP is creepy kid who keeps a shrine of his crush in his closet.
Oh look. The OP has only made 17 posts. That pretty much explains the entire thread.
Thank you valve for having sales that leave me with no money to buy new games throughout the year.
[QUOTE=CAPT Opp4;34807721]Oh look. The OP has only made 17 posts. That pretty much explains the entire thread.[/QUOTE] You have 86. People who determine other people's worth by their post count are lame.
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