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I feel like a huge nerd, but even [i]thinking[/i] about the original Planetside sends me into 'gasms, as I open up steam chat to reminisce with friends about that 10-gal drop we did on Zotz and other nostalgic shit. I'm here to bring you info about the old Planetside, and what the new one will probably be like. [img]http://korndemon.lima-city.de/PlanetsideNC.jpg[/img] [i]A squadron of main battle tanks lined up in the New Conglomerate sanctuary, cannons at the ready[/i] [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlanetSide]Planetside[/url] is a subscription-based MMOFPS game - one of only two current games of that type. It was released in 2003, and immediately produced a huge userbase. It featured stunning graphics for its time, and amazing technology allowing hundreds of players to be in the same place, battling at the same time. [img]http://gotr.net/gallery/albums/userpics/10261/PSScreenShot0032.jpg[/img] [i]A corporation of Vanu Sovereignty players prepares main battle tanks, scout aircraft, bombing aircraft, and vehicle support platforms for a raid on enemy territory.[/i] Planetside featured 3 factions: the Vanu Sovereignty (geared towards advanced technology; lasers and mobility), the New Conglomerate (geared towards single-shot, high-damage weaponry; cannons and armor), and the Terran Republic (geared towards rapid-fire weapons; automatics and chainguns) [img]http://img.youtube.com/vi/9ZcmT34qJ1g/0.jpg[/img] [i]A door gunner on a fully-loaded Galaxy dropship peers out his viewport, scanning the air for reavers and mosquitos.[/i] The three factions would duke it out over the planet Auraxia, in a (typically) non-ending slug-out over tactically places bases, towers, bunkers, and other important areas and chokepoints. [img]http://www.gamersinfo.net/gallery/photos/1135/med_1187649618-11354.jpg[/img] [i]The cloak-capable Phantasm dropship loads up for a shock-drop on enemy grounds.[/i] Specialization was handled by giving each player a certain amount of "certification points", with players being able to invest and re-invest the points where-ever they choose on a 5-hour cooldown period. Points could be spent on certifications to use or equip certain weapons, suits, vehicles, or devices. Players would get more of these as they leveled up, allowing them to be more of a jack-of-all-trades. [img]http://planetside.station.sony.com/images/screenshots/TR_Colossus_BFR.jpg[/img] [i]The Terran Republic battleframe robotics unit, the Colossus, sits crouched, its chainguns and cannons at the ready.[/i] Planetside allowed - and all but required - seamless teamwork and skill. Once, a long time ago. [img]http://mrzioto.com/games/ps/bfb.jpg[/img] [i]The Terran Republic gathers at its sanctuary during the Planetside beta, amassing several galaxy dropships and armored transport and gunnery vehicles.[/i] Then, John Smedley, in 2009, tweeted: "Planetside next. You will like." Planetside Next then became an icon, with unsubscribed Planetside players clawing for more news and announcements. Being kept largely in the dark, nothing has been known of Planetside Next - for a while. 'Till Smedley tweeted again. "I updated my blog... you will like." Smedley's blog tells us not only were previous suspicions of a March 2011 release correct, but current Planetside subscribers will be guaranteed Beta access before then. We [i]did[/i] like. An influx of subscribers surged into the original Planetside, newcomers excited about the notion of early access to Planetside Next. I'm here to tell YOU guys that Planetside Next is going to be [i]amazing[/i] if it's anything like Planetside. You should absolutely play it, at all costs. That is all. [img]http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/2186/psscreenshot4928pp.jpg[/img] [editline]26th January 2011[/editline] [img]http://img1.uploadscreenshot.com/images/orig/1/2501252491-orig.jpg[/img] Smedley responded to my E-mail and unintentionally (I guess) hinted at thousands+ player battles. Also, he thinks CODBLOPS models are high-poly and I get to be a beta tester. [editline]26th January 2011[/editline] New Vanguard and Galaxy models for Planetside: Next [img]http://a.yfrog.com/img616/9540/l78x.jpg[/img] [img]http://a.yfrog.com/img611/4918/c2dty.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.planetside-universe.com/images/screenshots/reaver-psn-exclusive_fptn.jpg[/img] [img]http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/277/mosqexcl.jpg[/img]
That looks fucking awesome! -nvm-
This is going to be amazing, and I can't wait to play it.
I loved Planetside so much during the 'Reserves', best year of gaming I've had. Planetside Next should be amazing.
Well that looks pretty awesome. I never played Planetside, but I always wanted to get into it. Maybe Next will finally suck me in.
I really can't wait for this. So excited!
Thinking of subscribing back to Planetside soon just to get beta access to Next. Very, very excited!
WHAT I'm going to resub Planetside just for the beta. Planetside was one of my first games, and probably one of the best I've ever played. Also the only game that ever made me cry "But moooooooooommmmm! :<" when I was told to get off the computer when I was a wee lad.
One word: holymotherfuckingawesomeepicamazingsauce with a side order of orgasm. Can't wait. I played for 3 years and loved it all. I stopped playing once the population dropped a lot. I might just go play some old Planetside.
I cannot wait :aaa:
March 2011 march 20 fucking eleven rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhspoooooooooogerahhhhhhhhhhhhhhfuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Currently using my phantasm as a mobile AA platform (AA max hops onto phantasm, phantasm driver ascends, cloaks, floating AA max.) I can even move forward at speed 1 and he won't fall off :v: Planetside: Next is gonna be fantastic if it really will support THOUSANDS, considering Planetside was 100 v 100 v 100 per continent and it still had that epic, huge feel to it.
Hnnnggg cannot wait at all. I loved PS so much, first online game.
So they're releasing it in 2 months and they haven't shown any screens yet?
No, which is rather smart. Smedley has shown us the Galaxy and Vanguard, however, meaning there will certainly still be vehicle and air battles. He also said BFRs won't be in it on his blog (score! no more 2-person MBTs getting killed by 1-person BFRs.) [editline]26th January 2011[/editline] Also, beta is soon and depending on whether or not there will be a NDA you might get screens that was
Vanu FTW! Oh god I loved this game.
Haha, just noticed the camera on the nose of the galaxy. New addition. Would be neat if there was a sort of I.R or thermal "galaxy scout" seat. Perhaps they could even have it relay a camera-feed to CR5s [editline]26th January 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=Jack Trades;27677623]Vanu FTW! Oh god I loved this game.[/QUOTE] Vanu faction best faction! We didn't always perform well indoors, but as I remember it we were pretty much the king of vehicle battles I still remember Razfrostwhisper's weekly Galaxy Gunship raids, and me spending countless hours spitting plasma out the cannon of the Thresher at dismayed vannies and prowlers :v: [editline]26th January 2011[/editline] Also, one time I was doing phantasm ops and we jacked an enemy GG in the middle of its repair cycle... Then killed all its gunners and the two loadies around it UGH why were you so amazing Planetside [editline]26th January 2011[/editline] Also, I don't think you actually need to be subscribed to get into the beta. All I did was E-mail John Smedley about the system reqs (didn't even mention my sub, even though I haven't been unsubbed a day of Planetside's existence) and he let me in. Gonna be nice seeing... What everything's like! I hope it's more of a re-vamp of the original Planetside, with a bigger player-limit, a cheater prevention system, better graphics, and, of course, less bugs and balance issues (fix the lasher!)
I want into beta :(
I'll see you Terran Facists and Vanu Commies in hell. New Conglomerate SHALL PREVAIL!
Pfft! Keep telling yourself that whilst I pelt your Vanguards and Enforcers into submission with my obviously superior rail beam. :smug:
You'll be regretting that statement once you take a Phoenix round to your shitty little Magrider.
You wanna make this personal, hoe?! [img]http://media.gamerevolution.com/images/games/pc/planetside/planetside_002.jpg[/img] Best step off 'fore I beamer your ass into submission!
Please, you'll probably get run over by some Terran in a Marauder before you're even in range of our Vanguards.
I got hit by a drop-pod and died once I shit you not.
Pfff, that's nothing. I once managed to get killed by an ANT. :frown:
That's not a difficult task. Back when fully charged ANTs blew up like bombs, my corp would drop fully-loaded and almost dead ANTs on the V-pads of busy bases. We'd see killspam that rivalled OSes :v:
Well, that's obviously to get killed by. I got run the fuck over. At like 5 mph.
Ha, I E-mailed RPS and got my Planetside: Next news in :v: [editline]27th January 2011[/editline] I dunno where they got the tip that the Galaxy would be used for recon, though, maybe they read this thread
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