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Whitelist please! "Gunski" I request a forest theme. So many possibilities. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/XwuK1.jpg[/IMG]
and can you whitelist me? IGN is jrwolfi
Two things: what's the IP, and ingame is jimmibiscuit, as always.
Whitelist me as well, IGN Lizardo.
IP is Server configured and ready to roll. All of you that asked so far have been whitelisted. My [I]suggestion[/I]: starting with a huge central hub with an immense glass dome and monorails crossing overhead, some shops and stuff. Should be shaped sort of like this (but much bigger) [img]http://antiviolencecampus.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/AVC-pics-20.01_006.png[/img] [editline]3rd February 2012[/editline] turns out filling shit with water isnt exactly trivial :v:
Might as well help, whitelist me: Boilrig
Whitelist please: crocktopus
It says i am not whitelisted on this server
Made a little garden right by the entrance just now. A kind of 'look at how easy it is to make a world' thing. I think it looks pretty nice, and once everything is underwater it will be even awesomer! Guys in charge, if you think it looks really naff or doesn't suit Rapture, get rid of it, but since at the moment there isn't much direction, I thought I'd make something.
Whitelist? IGN: MoofyZTR. Also, i find myself good at redstone, but by saying this dosen't meen i can build In-game computers :v:
[QUOTE=cNova;34525314]It says i am not whitelisted on this server[/QUOTE] Same ( my mc name is daylightbeast)
If there's going to be some Redstone fiddling, I'm pretty experienced.
We need somebody to make a floor plan of our layout. Right now people are at a loss for what to do. Perhaps a layout of different centres as in the previous megabuild - a shopping precinct, a medical area, a garden region, etc. With inspiration taken from Rapture.
well, the big dome will be what in a regular city we'd call downtown. or if anyone is familiar with WoW, it's like Undercity
Why do you not whitelist me ?
you should be now
also .. i think the begining is bugged .. none of the buttons work and when you actualy run also nothing happens
it is, someone broke it iirc
the redstones at the right are missing and there are some woddne blocks also missing [editline]3rd February 2012[/editline] and a bit redstone at the top of the begining building [editline]3rd February 2012[/editline] wth dude give me some rights or fix this shit
I fixed the entrance. Somebody selectively broke pieces of it to ensure it wouldn't work, or they glitched out somehow. What happened to the giant dome? I'll make one if needed
[QUOTE=ManningQB18;34530690]I'll make one if needed[/QUOTE] if you can make it look good, do it. i tried several times without a good result
Made some really quick concept art [t]http://i.imgur.com/ZMpBV.png[/t]
thats p much what i had in mind yeah
we doing it on the seafloor? what about the undercity?
just the huge dome, on the seafloor. there will be tubes working as streets that can go up and down and stuff
Whitelist: LurkinX
Lone_builder. I played on the last server and built most of the farms.
Yeah hi, uh, I'll take a whitelisting with a side of fries, the name's ewitwins. Alright I'll pull up to the next window.
White list please: ilikeminifridge
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