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[QUOTE=leet_name;33081722]If by preload you mean,somewhere to download the game now here's the link: [url]http://launch.soe.com/installer/DCUO_setup.exe[/url] Source: Their facebook. Oh and btw: Website is up![/QUOTE] >:( I'll play tommorow if it downloads by then.
14 gigs? god damn...
Woah, I already have 14gigs of DCUO still installed from when it first came out and I used to play, yet when I just went to start it's now starting to download an additional 10...
The game is cool,but i can't play it since a group oh 30 lvl heroes is camping noob zones.
Only 1.4 gig left for me to download. Pretty sure I've capped myself for today (Damn you Virgin Media!). Just purchased the Fight for the Light dlc, looking forward to playing as a Green Lantern. Looks like I'll be starting as Premium from the get go as well. Awesome. If my math is right, I've only been downloading at about 800 kb/s on average the past 4 hours. Still, it beats the 5kb/s speed of dial up back in the 90's
I had it on steam,so I started downloading early :v:
I had a look on steam, and I could only find the trailer for it. Was the game taken off there or something?
Not available in your region.
[QUOTE=Volgan;33085020]I had a look on steam, and I could only find the trailer for it. Was the game taken off there or something?[/QUOTE] Probably, if it wen't free-to-play it made no sense in buying able to buy it.
Steam has a fair few of free to play games now, Champions Online and League of Legends for example. Seems a bit weird how it was taken out the store even though some people still have it.
So is this game even worth trying since it went f2p? I know I don't have anything to lose but damn they fucking butchered the free option.
My main character's name was Thrasher, a couple of minutes ago I logged in, I was now named Thrasher_LFT, good thing they mailed me a "character name changer thing".
200 meg left. God dammit. I did play it in beta and I enjoyed it. As it's free to play, you might as well give it a shot. You don't have anything to lose if you end up not liking it. [editline]2nd November 2011[/editline] Lame. I purchased the Light DLC, yet my account is still "Free". Hopefully it'll sort it self out later on.
My account status is Legendary at the moment.
Okay, it seems there's a bit of a bug with the free - premium change. Do not buy anything off the website store. Instead load up the game and buy it through there. I purchased the Light DLC through the website and nothing happened. Just now I purchased a bunch of vault tickets and I got a notification saying I'm now Premium. Also, I've fell in love with my Super Speed/Light character.
Played for about a hour and tbh I'm starting to like it. It's not great but it'll pass the time till Skyrim comes out.
Still downloading lol, I'll play with you guys tommorow. Get on US servers or you're a casual.
Any way around the "This video card is not compatible" thing?
the dcuo f2p client is now on steam.
Got 2 emails with attachments. Right clicked on them and what do you know... I can't get them because I can't receive mail attachments. I swear they really butchered the free option to hell and back. It's almost like they want you to pay 5$.
Ugh I'm downloading at 470kb/s and the download hasn't gone up since yesterday. Going to restart and use Steam.
It's stuck on connecting to the login server for me anyone else?
[QUOTE=MAspiderface;33098192]It's stuck on connecting to the login server for me anyone else?[/QUOTE] Same. Sad sad day.
Getting in no problems now Except it kicks me back to world select after a minute in character creation OH WELL
Did you create a new character and try and log in with it? If so, for some reason it doesn't show the queue as soon as you make a new character. What I did was close down DCUO then start it back up and logged in. It then showed me my character and the where I was in the queue.
is the account server down? I can't even log into the launcher.
Can't wait to get home and try this out, should be done downloading now.. Just about 2-3 hours to go...
I can log in fine on the site, but the launcher won't let me.
It's gone down for maintenance it should be back up in 40 minutes.
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