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[QUOTE=Tea;16307800]Well if EVERYONE has it then it must be by valve themselves, which means it isn't anything to worry about. But I wish they'd tell us before they did things like this.[/QUOTE] Too true, my more paranoid friend had me slightly concerned. Steam friends did go down for maintenance earlier.
[QUOTE=JohnEdwards;16307806]the closest id entries are # 440 Team Fortress 2 * 441 Team Fortress 2 Content * 442 Team Fortress 2 Materials * 443 Team Fortress 2 Client Content # 500 Left 4 Dead * 513 Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools Multi core update?[/QUOTE] They already have it.
I got it too.
guys i got it working its the episode 3 beta!!! yay dumbs i want 50 of them. hurry up you fat shits and press the dumb button. mission complete
[QUOTE=AcidSoldier;16307871]They already have it.[/QUOTE] it still is in beta form
I have it as well.
I wonder what happens if you uninstall it?
It'd be awesome if it was a surprise update.
[QUOTE=JohnEdwards;16307933]it still is in beta form[/QUOTE] Why would it be a whole new app?
source filmmaker please
I don't have it, so who knows what's going on with all of yours. [QUOTE=Pirate Ninja;16308024]Everyone has it.[/QUOTE] Then I guess I'm a nobody. Oh wait, yeah that sounds about right. :saddowns:
[QUOTE=TheServer;16307965]I wonder what happens if you uninstall it?[/QUOTE] I tried. You can't.
Everyone has it.
[QUOTE=HairyArmpit;16307930]guys i got it working its the episode 3 beta!!![/QUOTE] wow only 40mb impressive [img]http://d2k5.com/sa_emots/emot-dogout.gif[/img]
[QUOTE=Pirate Ninja;16308024]Everyone has it.[/QUOTE] What if its only for the people who have a Valve game?
Quick someone email Gabe.
Me too.
[url="http://store.steampowered.com/news/?filter=updates&appids=490"]Says the product is "Uninitialized"[/url]
You can't download it, you don't own a subscription to it - it's really nothing special at 40 MB.
[QUOTE=suran37;16308039]wow only 40mb impressive [img]http://d2k5.com/sa_emots/emot-dogout.gif[/img][/QUOTE] I'm suprised. You were dumb enough to think about wether or not he was speaking the truth for a few seconds.
Gabe is the biggest troll ever...
[QUOTE=Billiam;16308116]Gabe is the biggest troll ever...[/QUOTE] Well duh he is a pretty big guy after all.
[QUOTE=reviewmad2;16307996]source filmmaker please[/QUOTE] Wouldn't be a whole new app and they said they'd release it after they're done with Meet the Team. Hopefully it comes with a tutorial on how to correctly add custom animations as well...
valvetestapp490 is winui.gcf from what I have checked before
[QUOTE=butters757;16308048]Quick someone email Gabe.[/QUOTE] I actually will, he usually replies.
I don't have this. [B]Edit:[/B] Now I do, I refreshed my game page.
490 days until Episode 3!
[QUOTE=Edthefirst;16308256]I don't have this.[/QUOTE] Restart steam, I didn't have it either but now I do
[QUOTE=reviewmad2;16308111]I'm suprised. You were dumb enough to think about wether or not he was speaking the truth for a few seconds.[/QUOTE] It's called sarcasm, you tit. Fail troll is fail.
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