• Hostile Intent, a HL1 mod.
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Gonna do some copypasta, because if I write the info, it won't get the information across any better. [b]From moddb:[/b] [Quote=Info] Hostile Intent is all about realism, covering realistic weapon damage, realistic missions and mission stories. Hostile Intent gives the player the feeling he's actually there. Be it a nuclear submarine, an embassy raid or a military base in the middle east, each and every one of them is modelled with a level of detail that a lot of other games/mods/tc's don't have. Amazing gameplay: The best of the best on both teams. In Hostile Intent you can either join the ranks of the world's best counter-terrorism units or be part of a member of one of the many terrorist organisations existing in the world. In the end it doesn't even matter, because in Hostile Intent you'll be fighting for your life. Map specific player skins: Each and everyone is done with such an amount of detail and life-life animations that it makes a lot of the current retail games out look ugly. For every mission theme there is a skin set from which the mapper can choose from. Team specific weapons arsenal: Both NATO and the Tango's have their own set of weapons to fight with. For NATO there is the MP5A4, M16A2, PSG-1 etc. The Tango's can choose from the cheap and widely available on the black market AK-47, AKSU-74, M76 etc. All the guns are balanced in such a way that there isn't one gun which is the ultimate best. Each gun has their own pro's and con's. Extra equipment: Need a little bit more of a BANG in your attack? Grab a Fragmental Grenade. Or are you looking for a stealthy approach during the night? Better put on those Nightvision goggles. Looking for a tactical entry in that building? Grab a flashbang and take the enemy out while they're blinded. An original take on the Half-Life VGUI: Fast and functional. No fooling around. A realistic aiming system: The only realistic way of simulating how to aim and fire a gun. In most games you use crosshairs to aim. In Hostile Intent however, we chose to use a different way of aiming. An idea a lot of retail games are allready incorporating. Hostile Intent also uses the aim through the gun's sights as it's aiming tool. Don't worry, if you think the gun is obstructing your vision then you can just lower the weapon to waist level. This does however, seriously affects accuracy.[/quote] Basically, the game is very difficult and tedious, but that's what makes it fun. There's a large variety of weapons, but the silenced once are recommended. There is literally no HUD, only two texts saying the name of the teammate you're facing and how many magazines you have left after you reload. At the moment, there's only one server up with about 6 people on at once. I just wanna see more people playing it. There's a source version being developed, but we only have the HL1 version for now. [b]Pics:[/b] [img]http://www.hostileintent.org/media/hi/screenshots/full/006_hi_depot.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.hostileintent.org/media/hi/screenshots/full/010_hi_tuulo.jpg[/img] [b]Images of the source and Hl1 version:[/b] [url]http://www.hostileintent.org/index.php?media[/url] Looking bloody brilliant, isn't it? [b]Download:[/b] [url]http://www.hostileintent.org/index.php?downloads[/url]
Looks cool, might take a look at it. Also, in the description, instead of fragmentation it say fragmental :v:
Alright, sweet, we should play.
Once you've downloaded it join the HI revival server, I'll be on there. I strongly reccomend you try the tutorial first, though.
The graphics look pretty damn nice for Goldsrc.
Looks really good, I think I remember playing this once, the name seems familiar.
I used to play this, but then it died.
I will download it now.
So gonna download this. Looks awesome.
Join this group on steam [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/himodsquad[/url] my steam name is blackened
It's sad how few people play it. Each day I see if someone's playing but no.
Holy fucking shit, their HL1 stuff looks better than most Source stuff. I don't have HL1 yet (haven't even played it :emo:), but as soon as PR comes out, I'm downloading it.
Holy shit! I remember playing this ages ago. I'd forgotten it existed.
[QUOTE=MosIPos]It's sad how few people play it. Each day I see if someone's playing but no.[/QUOTE] You were on just a couple minutes ago, why'd you leave?
[QUOTE=rossmum]Holy fucking shit, their HL1 stuff looks better than most Source stuff. I don't have HL1 yet (haven't even played it :emo:), but as soon as PR comes out, I'm downloading it.[/QUOTE] Wait, and didn't I give you HL2?. THE PLOT THICKENS. [b]Edit:[/b] Oh wait, that was HL2: Episode 1.
good mod, but i wanna play the trenches again:(
[QUOTE=Morbo!!!]You were on just a couple minutes ago, why'd you leave?[/QUOTE] Had to film a movie on TF2.
[QUOTE=MosIPos]Had to film a movie on TF2.[/QUOTE] You weren't supposed to say that in public.
Ahh I love this mod, strangely a few months ago everyone suddenly stopped playing which was a shame, it's good.
I'll give it a try. I might have my brother try it. (He'll call it stupid and say it is unrealistic probably.)
Big game going on right now. Join up.
Is there a torrent for this mod? I had the mod downloaded up to about 75% percent and then my comp crashed. I don't want that to happen again.
I'm downloading right now. I would have downloaded earlier, but I was addicted to WiC.
[QUOTE=simkas]You weren't supposed to say that in public.[/QUOTE] Why not? He even made a thread in Screenshots about it.
Nobody's playing... :(
Are you sure this is HL1? It's frigging amazing.
[QUOTE=Photo Shop]Are you sure this is HL1? It's frigging amazing.[/QUOTE] Yes. I'm not playing it right now, I'm doing my homework.
Will this work if I have Half Life 1: Source? Most mods don't.
People, join, we're 6 at the moment! It's epic.
I remember playing this when it first came out, I'm downloading right now.
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