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I've been making a map for a friend, and I've come across a problem. I noticed the pine trees from Half Life 2: Episode 2 only have their trunks cast shadows, while the leaves don't do anything to the shadow. My friend needs the shadows to have small parts of light shine through, but it doesn't seem to do that. Is it my graphical settings (I'm on a laptop with Intel Pentium, not very good graphical limits), or just Source itself? Example: [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2igk6f5.jpg[/IMG]
heyyy there's a mapping section right below you, where that question would be answered much better. [url]http://facepunch.com/forums/38[/url] for your shadows, however, there's a command for vrad that fixes it. Put "-TextureShadows" on your vrad command line and it should be solved. "-StaticPropPolys " wouldn't hurt either. [url]https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/VRAD[/url]
Alright, thanks. I'm still partly new to Facepunch, so I'm still learning a few things about posting. Just another question, I'm not too advanced of a mapper, how do I use these commands? I checked the Valve Developer Community link in your reply, but I didn't see anything of much help.
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