• Breen is...DEAD...
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That was an awesome actor.
Breen wasn't supposed to be in ep3:question:
damn, i knew i shouldnt have pushed him :gonk: (just kidding, rip old man :v:)
It's not like he died in Half-Life 2 or something, especally not in the end.
[QUOTE=MILKE;20976218]It's not like he died in Half-Life 2 or something, especally not in the end.[/QUOTE] Um yea. Big black hole reactor + Dr. Breen = BOOM! Anyway it's really a shame that we just lost one of our most recognized voice actor, If Michael Shapiro dies now I'm gonna kill myself.
Didn't he do the voice acting for GMan too?
[QUOTE=COBRAa;20979686]Didn't he do the voice acting for GMan too?[/QUOTE] No, that's the Barney voiceactor.
I really hope they had already recorded the voices for the game. I'm deeply saddened by his death, great actor, and the game series wouldn't be the same without Breen's voice. You will be missed, sir.
The combine turned Breen into a mute after he kept demanding free dental. It's all cool guys :smug:
He was a true hero and will be forever missed. Im glad valve finally spread the word.
:ohdear: [B]I'll miss you, your super cool office and your indestructible wooden table, Mister Breen![/B] Well, he was dead in HL2 too, so we wouldn't get a shitty replacement.. [editline]07:50PM[/editline] This is like when Billy Mays died... :'(
D: read about this on steam earlier. RIP
Shame, the man was a good actor. RIP.
Breen was my faviroute person in the game, and im really quite sad that he died.
[img]http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd86/Scarra2020/culpbreencomposite.jpg?t=1269744900[/img] :'(
R.I.P Mr. Breen...
wow really?
No, everyone is lying /sarcasm
omg guys shut up an awesome person died! Have some respect!
He was a worthy opponent, and died with honour. In a massive explosion.
[QUOTE=johanz;20943681]At least it's not Alyx or Gordon's voice actor.[/QUOTE] Yea, it would be horrible if Gordon's voice actor would die . . . . . . . . . . .. .
Its a shame i saw some movies hes in RIP :(
Welcome. Welcome to Heaven 17.
I guess that's why they made Gordon mute.
[B]Nice that valve did an announcement :)[/B]
[img]http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2010/SHOWBIZ/Movies/03/24/obit.robert.culp/t1larg.culp.ispy.gi.jpg[/img] Robert Culp 1930-2010
SHIT MAN! Why him?!
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