• Death Worm: Eat your victims before they even know you're underground
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A simple minigame, but always some great fun. Basically all you have to do is eat the people above ground. Here's a picture [img]http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1354/638470240_ce703b64fb.jpg[/img] You can downoad this game [url=http://www.savefile.com/files/1021864]here[/url] But don't forget, humans will try to kill you. Planes drop bombs, soldiers shoot guns, and tanks shoot missles. There are also traps they may set above ground. Use your environment and enemys to get rid of them! When tanks come along, use them to lure the missles into the traps, so you don't get hurt. Movement keys are the arrow keys. Have fun! My high score: 753 [B]Who the fuck bumped this? Rate me clock if you still think it is awesome[/B]
Looks Awesome!
I remember this. It's great fun.
I never got it to work, but I was on vista was a half broken registry.
Holy crap it is awesome!
Fuck it doesn't work on vista.
[url]http://www.************com/?d=NIO8OOLP[/url] Multiplayer version. (Megaupload) Works on Vista.
[QUOTE=dual elites3]Fuck it doesn't work on vista.[/QUOTE] I know, it won't even let me delete the fucking thing!
Reminds me of Tremors.
-snip- You have to end process in taskmanager to delete it.
This is so lame.
Won't work on 32bit vista.
It's made with game maker. I think that's why it doesn't work on vista.
This is very old, but still fun.
I got over 1500 high score before.
why are people complaining it doesn't work on vista, it works perfectly fine for me. 32bit vista home premium [b]Edit:[/b] also this was made with gamemaker
Doesn't work for me, 64bit Vista Ultimate
Won't work, 32bit Vista Premium.
[QUOTE=IwuvWafflez]This is so lame.[/QUOTE] Get out.
I loved this game. I used to play it all the time. Now it won't work for me (Vista).
aliens are damn hard great game
If it is [I]really[/I] made with game maker, and you guys with vista are having trouble, check this out [url]http://www.fun-motion.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1139[/url]
Played this a while ago. Nice time waster. And yes, I have vista. Yes, it works.
I played it before when I had XP, boy it was fun. For a while.
This does work on vista, I have home premium 64 bit and it works perfectly
Damn, It's crashing on me when i try to open the exe :(.
I made a mostly-finished Flash version of this. Got bored near the end, though, so it's not finished. If any of you (particularly the ones who can't get the real thing running) want to try it, I'll PM you with it. It's not as good as the original, though.
So it's a Tremors game? Hells yeah.
I remember this about a year ago on One More Level. Loved it.
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