• Death Worm: Eat your victims before they even know you're underground
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gonna try this out
I used to browse the gamemaker forums and saw this. Gamemaker games are a great timewaster.
Downloading a worm feels wierd... Looks fun though
I got a cheat code, do Crtl-alt delete, then alt tab back into it!
[QUOTE=IwuvWafflez]This is so lame.[/QUOTE] YOU'RE SO LAME.
Haha. This looks like a flash game. Still fun though, dunno why they just didn't do it in Flash/Java format.
A worm like that... Would be fun to use in cortex command.
Someone Call This guy [img]http://figuresoffortune.bravehost.com/myPictures/burtontruck.jpg[/img]
Made with game maker by the way
[QUOTE=glennman94]Someone Call This guy [img]http://figuresoffortune.bravehost.com/myPictures/burtontruck.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] THAT'S AN EPIC GUY That We're sorry remote linking of images is not permitted Also epic game
Death Worm is who I want to be when I grow up. :) Also fun game, I remember playing it while ago, but forgot what it was called so I never found it after that. Thanks for posting it!
How come the link to the multi player version didn't work?
Works for me.
I remember playing that. I shot the rocks up into the sky and it blew up the planes and crushed the army people.
Any other games like this? Because this is the shit.
Should I really be downloading something called Death_worm.zip?
[QUOTE=CheapTrick]Should I really be downloading something called Death_worm.zip?[/QUOTE] Yes.
The game is quite fun, even if you run low on health you can just chill and eat those worm things in the ground for helath.
This game is fun. Kills a lot of time.
I just remembered hearing something about someone making a game similar to SSB that features characters from several independent games. I think The Kid, N, and Deathworm were all in it.
I was disappointed downloading the multiplayer one only to see it's for the same computer.
[QUOTE=I_love_garrysmod]I was disappointed downloading the multiplayer one only to see it's for the same computer.[/QUOTE] A MMOKS(Massive Multiplayer Online Killing Spree) would be awesome. :4chan:
I remembered how horribly hard it is to look at this game in motion. :(
This game is really easy [IMG]http://i34.tinypic.com/29wx0y0.png[/IMG] I could have gone longer but it starts getting really boring.
I wish this worked on vista, I used to have good times with this game.
[QUOTE=lettuce_head]I wish this worked on vista, I used to have good times with this game.[/QUOTE] [URL=http://www.yoyogames.com/wiki/attached/44/GM_Convert_Game.zip]Use this to make it work. [/URL] The reason it doesn't work on Vista is because it was made using an older version of Game Maker, and Vista doesn't like the way it compresses the games.
Why does gamemaker put everything in one .exe file?
I remember playing this game all the time a few months back, there was also a not as good version on addictinggames I think, but still, now that you guys have made me remember this game I'm going to go have to waste hours playing it again :/
Proprietary windows executable that works flawlessly on my Linux works badly on windows themselves... how ironic.
Oh fuck, I remember this. It was posted here a while ago. Very fun... I think my record combo was 33 or so.
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