• Steam just deleted all of my games
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(sorry if this isnt the appropriate steam thread, but its in valve games and mods so i thought it would be good enough) this morning i turned my laptop on so when i got back from coffee i could play something, when i got back steam commited suicide and deleted its self and all of my games solutions? :P [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NMnnMRWJ-0[/media] THATS WHATS GOING ON IN MY STEAM FOLDERS!
[QUOTE=MrTwicks;21241463]solutions? :P[/QUOTE] a) Commit suicide b) Contact Steam Support
No, A) Commit suicide
i just commited homicide! EVERYTHING in the steam folder is gone > : (
You couldn't click cancel while it deleted the couple gigabytes you had?
it was like 40gb's but i was out and i dont know what the fuck
So do you still have the games? Are they just not installed?
Take that, unsuspecting civilians!
You should be able to just reinstall them, sort of what ZF911 said. That's a useful thing about steam. If you download full games from some random site, then later on lose the game, you might not get it back.
-Off topic, is it just me or is the first post's youtube video No Russian for MW? *Random* -On topic. Stay with choice A. Much less painful.
The games should be on your steam games list, installed or un-installed. If not then, maybe restarting your pc, switching to Steam UI (If on OLD UI), switching to old UI (If on BETA UI), reinstall steam. none of the above work? tie yourself to the pc and make it explode :P
If the games aren't on your steam list, check your steamapps directory. There's a big chance they're still there.
[QUOTE=The freeman;21241492]No, A) Commit suicide[/QUOTE] and post pictures :woop: (just kidding)
First thing that came to mind: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwGFalTRHDA#t=0m12s[/media]
not a troll. this happens occasionally. i've been reading about it at the steampowered forums, and i myself have experienced this. it's unexplained self destruction of installed games. you cannot access it anymore and the only solution is to delete the game and reinstall.
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