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I would say the best gem to use is the large ruby, doing a lot of damage with the others is all good, but it won't help you if you are already dead from explosive spam, or guns if you don't have shields. I don't really like the sapphire that much, since it basically breaks everything. It may win you the game, but you get nothing to pick up. Amethysts are nice for the constant low damage and the stunning Topaz is great for fire immunity and can add some extra damage to your attacks The usefullness of the emerald varies, but It can save you if you get trapped. And it makes it possible to do some interesting moves. I still wish it would negetate all damage including explosives when in ghost mode, since it doesn't seem to do that
Yeah, Next time I get an emerald I'm putting it in a sword.
I think in later stages (I'm in stage 32) in the arena a large ruby is a must-have. You'll always get some random damage, mostly explosive, but sometimes the enemy throws a dagger or his weapon in the right moment. And because of said explosives the games are longer than they needed to be, it sucks if you play for like 5 minutes and die. I mean you'll do it anyway because of siege bombs but if you get a hit after 4 minutes and have less than 10 health you can pretty much start over if you can't heal.
For some reason guns refuse to save in the hall for one of my saves, but works fine in the other save. Anyone else have problems with that? Also bump
how do you remove a gem from a weapon?
One can't remove gems from weapons.
well you can if you break the weapon using an ice weapon, you can also edit the profile to remove it
[QUOTE=Ketila;18317751]well you can if you break the weapon using an ice weapon, you can also edit the profile to remove it[/QUOTE] This Or you throw it away outside the hall and rebuy it. Personally I edit the shit out of weapons because it annoys me that you can't change them. That's an important feature missing.
i know you can use the profile to remove it, but how.
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what's the best weapon in the game, and how do you get it? P.S. how do you get the dayrum hammer?
[QUOTE=EdBiew;18338827]what's the best weapon in the game, and how do you get it? P.S. how do you get the dayrum hammer?[/QUOTE] I must admit i'm also wondering where you get the Dayram hammer from.
The hammer of dayram is the price you get from completing 3 rounds of hammerball. You can get it again and again so it is not really an unique golden weapon
Which gem should I put on Collosus?
[QUOTE=EdBiew;18338827]what's the best weapon in the game, and how do you get it? P.S. how do you get the dayrum hammer?[/QUOTE] I'm of the belief that there is no 'best' weapon. Since they vary so much in weight and how they attack, you have to figure out which fighting style works for you and figure out how to use that weapon to the best of its ability. Me, I'm a mace guy, smashing into shit and seeing how hard I can bury them in the wall, but having that crushing power of a heavy flail and the cutting power of a good sword in one weapon is where it's at; I get a good crushing blow in and get multiple ideal hits on a guy before Hammertime wears out or vice-versa.
I have this unique... broad sword with a large flash gem and 2 small burning gems combined with the mace that is a cylinder on a chain with a large healing gem. There's nothing you can't kill. Doesn't safe you from random siegebomb deaths but that's another thing
I use the same mace and it's awesome. That mace and colossus combo is pretty good.
Fuckinghell, I get into a near godlike status, during wich one blow from my weapons is fatal one, thinking that I should be nerfed, survive the night on desert map, kill everyone dead and then suddenly some prick throws a siege bomb while I'm moving in for a strike. KAHBLOW, half of the map clean. Has anyone else had one of those black-hole-spazouts, where you beat someone into a wall and everything spazes out with you getting smashed against something in the process?
I have had a couple of those when I explode myself. Sometimes time even seems to rewind
Yeah, I usually get that when I pound on that last piece of polyp, except the whole game tends to glitch out and you have to force quit.
I think it's when you near an explosion, isn't it? Had it often when fighting in the campaign against those robot thingies. Or when you hit a siegebomb..
[QUOTE=Fijgum;18362796]... Or when you hit a siegebomb..[/QUOTE] No, then you're all over the place. I tought it was when you made someone else explode then you get effects similar of that when dividing by zero.
Well I sometimes hit a siegebomb with my mace at full length of the chain and I survive. Hardly but I do
[QUOTE=SBII Gunz;18344673]Which gem should I put on Collosus?[/QUOTE] .
Wow I cant belive I could actual get those? You guys know the boss you fight a couple of levels after you kill the guy with the frosty sword, you know the one where your partner tosses you explosive barrels to smack up at the giant metal squid thing with flame throwers. Well after I killed it I swooped around and was able to actually get the 3 giant shield plates that use to be on the things head. These shields are huge and their description is "black". I only have three but somehow they all interlock and form on giant shield wall that covers half the gyrocopter. I want to know how and where can I get a full set of these shields since I already killed the boss?
I just wonder, on the second missions on the demo when I swing too many times or something I can't move at all and the worms just rape me. It's really fucking annoying. I don't understand if it's a bug or intended?
Sounds like a bug :raise:
As in I can't move as good as before or so, but I can still be pushed into walls and get raped. [editline]02:29AM[/editline] I can try to make a video if you want
Have you tried another profile or even a reinstall? I cannot remember a part where you slow down or something like that....
maybe the cursor moves out of the area or responce somehow.
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