• Oblivion Windowed Problem.
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Not sure if this thread are suppost to be here, but since the "custom forum" for oblivion is totally dead I decided to post here. Anyhow here is my problem. I'm running Windows 7, suddenly my windowed mode stopped working. I tried switching between fullscreen and windowed, still not fixed. I can hear the sounds and everything and since I have Windows 7 I can see the preview showing the window as it should. But I see none at my desktop. And yes I have latest drivers. I can provide a screen shot if needed. I didn't add/remove any mods when this happend.
Since I found this thread, and it was the only one on the internet addressing my problem, here's how to fix it (in case anyone else stumbles here)... Locate your oblivion.ini file (it can be in the game's root directory, or it can be buried in your my documents folder, or sometimes both, but only 1 makes any difference)... Find the bit that says: iLocation Y= iLocation X= Change both values to 0
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