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Woo! Survived my first space journey through PVP in my vtol.
Got 193 ped, got no idea what to buy.
[QUOTE=alx12345;31658746]Got 193 ped, got no idea what to buy.[/QUOTE] Vito healing thing, opallo rifle
Alright, bought them, now what?
1528 Bottles of Sweat. All of that worth about 3,60 PED. So many hours for so little.
Doest worth sweating imo, except maybe at the sweat camp, maybe. Should i buy a sleipnir mk1 for 108 ped?
[QUOTE=alx12345;31658955]Alright, bought them, now what?[/QUOTE] get sweating!
[QUOTE=Contag;31659012]get sweating![/QUOTE] Why? [editline]10th August 2011[/editline] Anyway, is there something that i can hunt alone that would be benefit?
Man this game is confusing. I start it up for the first time and as I spawn for the first time I appear to be hugging some kind of giant automated turret. After the tutorial window remained empty for around 10 minutes I figured out how to equip my sweat extractor and extract some sweat. It would have been nice if there were some actual tutorials in the game but oh well. I got the 10km running man achievement after about 1 minute of actual running :D. Actually nevermind, after about 5 minutes of exploring I found the tutorial man on the other side of where I spawned. Now things are starting to make sense.
I might go ferrying with a heli once i got one, how much should I charge for a flight?
Can you hunt space squids and sell em to japanese sushi chefs for loadsa emone?
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnVhrFmDARs[/media] SHORYUKEN TO THE HEAVENS!
Where's a good spot to sweat at this time? there seems to be no-one around. [editline]11th August 2011[/editline] just noticed something on a turret [img]http://gyazo.com/ff27d7f7f4eb8cc608796e0ea7d2d446.png[/img] :v:
I can sweat with anyone. Not doing much else tonight.
Well ferrying people is a bit hard, as some players do it for free, but I've found 50pec-1ped to be a nice price, if you're flying a Vtol I would charge more because of only carrying one passenger, thus increasing fuel costs/passenger. Though with the chopper you can pick up say 1ped per player, or have a package deal of 5ped for 6 seats, I would say 50pec(or 250 sweat)per player for ferrying people to the sweat camp Limnadian, and 1 ped (500 sweat) for twin peaks. Personally, I haven't tried out the pricing too much yet, though it seems that these prices seem to be pretty fair, considering you'll spend about 20oil(22pec) for a trip from Port atlantis to Limnadian and maybe another 20 oil down to Twin peaks. 40 oil if you start from Port Atlantis again. Also buying oil in bulks is a lot cheaper than only buying say 50 or 100, ie 100 oil can go for 2 ped on auction which is 200% markup, while 1000 can go for 11-12ped which is 110% - 120% Maybe we should add this to the OP: Popular sweat camps are: Limnadian District(easily accessalbe), Nea's Place(hard to get to, and pretty deserted for now.) Also remember, when your sweat gather skill increases you gain more sweat, because you're bound to get more successful attempts(ie at the start you will fail to gather sweat a few times). Sweating alone for money is tedious, but a nice way to earn money when you're gonna be afk or alt tabbed. What I do is go to a sweat camp, select the creature, and hit the "auto use tool"(you must have Move to target when interacting in options ticked, O - > Controls) which will automatically gather sweat for me while I alt tab and check: Facepunch, youtube, porn or whatever :v:
I do the same with sweating, sucks when you die though. [editline]11th August 2011[/editline] especially when everyone is doing the same, right now there's just a group of 15 people doing nothing because the monster broke loose [editline]11th August 2011[/editline] I like to have my screen like this [img]http://localhostr.com/file/LALLFp5/entropia%20sweating.png[/img]
I normally don't die at all, when I'm at those places, because of evasion :V it's truly nice.
Someone from the vikings of calypso group asked if he can join the trip tomorrow, his name is Lasso oneshot. [editline]11th August 2011[/editline] what is the best guide to ferrying? Is it smart to use a land vehicle first, or do they cost as much as a heli?
Yes of course, anyone's free to come, as long as we are capable of bringing enough transports, I also threw an apply to the Vikings of Calypso :smile:
I got into the Vikings of Calypso. Great people, really.
Ive decided to use the river system for transport so I can alt tab safely while auto-running without being killed. The alternative was a much shorter route to Twin Peaks but no matter what route I took it was so congested with monsters there was no way past. A giant eomon thing spawned underwater but soon thankfully died. Oh god what it came back to life for about 2 seconds when I got close. Already sweating like a boss with my mere 200 sweat bottles.
This game looks very interesting. Are there any spaceship etc. and do you level up like a normal MMO ?
[QUOTE=ejonkou;31664934]This game looks very interesting. Are there any spaceship etc. and do you level up like a normal MMO ?[/QUOTE] Yes. No.
[QUOTE=ejonkou;31664934]This game looks very interesting. Are there any spaceship etc. and do you level up like a normal MMO ?[/QUOTE] Your don't really have level, but there's lots of different skills you can rank up in.
[QUOTE=ejonkou;31664934]This game looks very interesting. Are there any spaceship etc. and do you level up like a normal MMO ?[/QUOTE] I really recommend having someone from here who is somewhat well traveled (not me) help you out at the beginning. To answer your already twice answered question, yes there are Spaceships, as well as land and air vehicles. No, you do not technically 'Level' in the traditional sense. You gather points in skills that eventually level up. The higher the skill level, obviously the better you are at it. Random tidbit about myself: This is the first MMO I have ever decided to devote time to. I want to get up there. I want to at least be a somewhat recognized person in this game's community. Getting there will be hard and probably require a little bit of real world money, but I think in the end, I will enjoy myself until I finally get tired of this game.
I'm gonna give this a go and see if it interests me once I finished the tutorial area, it looks really promising though.
So I decided to ferry this new guy to Twin Peaks for 2 ped, all was going well until... OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT CREATURE [img]http://i986.photobucket.com/albums/ae350/Xavith/fuckingscarycreatures.png[/img] It's bigger than my heli :V edit: fuck this I'm rebinding my exit button, I keep jumping out accident, my heart stop for a second and I spam right click to get back in:v:
what's a good price to sell sweat for?
[QUOTE=Xavith;31654966]Alright first Facepunch Expedition started with some difficulties, but was sorted out afterwards. Here I have another fancy map. Red was the original route we were set to take. Green was the route the first Facepunch Expedition took. [t]http://i986.photobucket.com/albums/ae350/Xavith/FacepunchExpeditionupdate.jpg[/t] Blue will be the route the second Facepunch Expedition will take. The second expedition will be lots of fun hopefully, we'll start at Port Atlantis, and head off to a new route. We will most likely need a few more pilots as well, seeing as we ended up requiring some of us to switch to Vtols to carry a few people. In this run we will go by the yellow circle to the east, now this place is really interesting. This area is a PvP area, there will be players with vehicles... with... guns, and lots of them. The area is referred to as "the oil rig" this is because in the middle there is an oil pump, that randomly drop a certain amount of oil every 15/20ish minutes. Which tend to be heavily contested. My plan though is to head in there with the chopper and a bunch of facepunchers derping around in chat while we try to avoid getting hammered, hopefully we'll be a decent distraction so Tifa(a high lvl friend of mine) can possibly take out some of them, if not all. What to expect: Death, my chopper sploding, and maybe more death, and a hell of a lot fun. Now a date I don't know when will be a good time for you guys, but let's give it a bit more time now shall we, let's say Friday 17:30 Entropia time. Hopefully maybe we can get a teamspeak or ventrilo server up(I think I might have a 10slot one actually :v:) [/QUOTE] Just quoting this in case someone didn't catch it also: Ventrilo server Host: voice401.inx-gaming.co.uk Port: 9430
the map is a pretty big clusterfuck, use straight lines next time :v:
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