• Garrys mod shader issues?
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Hello Facepunch. I'm fairly new here so I don't know how to really do a new thread. So right to the point; Ever since I've bought Garry's Mod on steam, My jeep, hover boat, and doors are black. But when ever I make a lamp face towards it, it has the original texture. Then when I get rid of it, it goes back black. This also works with a flash light. This has been bothering me and I cant see to stand this. I'll post the pictures in the comments section after writing this. Anyone with the same problem and had it fixed? What could be the cause? shader folder? [editline]12th May 2012[/editline] [url]http://imgur.com/Wfwow,sHQcf,bSqzc,KzRBg[/url]
Welcome to Facepunch. For GMod issues, you might want to try the GMod subforum. People will be more helpful there than up here. What are your specs?
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