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Hello, I recently got the game myself, and I wanted to ask do people still play multiplayer? If yes, how much are there? [highlight](User was banned for this post ("UTT/Questions belong in fast threads" - Orkel))[/highlight]
How about you go and see for yourself since you already have it?
Pffft, the multiplayer is a complete utter piece of crap due to the backstabs mechanics. Just hide in a corner for the entire game if you're predator or human. Plus lag plus shit. Last time I played there was a few servers but it was a fucking waste of time. Right now, go check yourself, I suppose. You play this game for the campaign, and even then it isn't that great compared to AvP 2.
The only good game mode on their is infestation. But the multiplayer was pretty dead from the start. Plus most users lag like hell on it. Would of been wise to save your money OP.
The WPC and SG2 clans play pretty heavily on the weekends.
Really fun game, but the backstab mechanic kinda screwed up the multiplayer. If it wasn't for that, it would be my most played game of 2010, I think. Too bad pretty much no one plays multiplayer anymore, but the singleplayer is very fun too.
I bought it a few weeks back. It's really hard to find active multiplayer rooms.
Press E to win in multiplayer.
People should get AvP2. It still has a few active servers and the master servers are hosted by a player, so you don't need a key (If you've lost it).
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