• Twelve Sky 2 Godly Character Raffle!!!
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I will be raffling off my Twelve sky 2 character in waterburn his name is Godliness. He has a very good build and back when I played which was about a month or two ago I was one of the highest levels. The account has full gear all enchanted 70%+ which Is very very rare. Most of you probably never heard about this game but here Is a video I made back when I played the game. He has the 2nd best katana he can possibly have which is right below elite and there Isn't a single elite katana In the game when I played. You can also get him Into sky clan because he is level 114. I'm pretty sure he has around 80m on him also. Any of my posts dont count. Only one of your posts count so if you post twice or three times that will count as only one post. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48rrrs8EKKA[/media] The raffle will begin at 50 posts. Once the thread has 50 posts the raffle will begin I will put every posters name Inside of a box and shake It up. I will then choose a random card and that person will get my account. Please If you don't like twelve sky 2 or never played It don't flame that's not what I was asking for In this thread and If I catch you flaming or arguing with one person In the thread you will be disqualified. Just post about twelve sky 2 or questions about twelve sky 2 thank you and good luck! [B]If you had fun doing this or like the idea pm me and I have tons more accounts on other games I am willing to raffle after this one![/B]
Sure, can I join?
Yes you may.
Poast for raffle
Posted for raffle.
Post #6. Maybe 50 was a bit of an over-expectation..
I'll check in on this thread tommorow.
Raffle raffle.
Well sure, I might as well get in on this.
Hm, seems like a neat idea. I will post to help you reach your goal of 50.
generic shitty korean mmo #19993293
I'm in.
[QUOTE=Ryan2407;16592393]generic shitty korean mmo #19993293[/QUOTE] Don't worry guys he's a flamer and disqualified. Game Is really great I just didn't have enough time for It. Cool Trailer:[url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr1tIRWEReo&feature=related[/url] By the way my character is fujin which is ninja in that game.
I am in, I wouldn't miss this.
I'm in as well
Count me in, I guess.
Is this for aeriagames or the other one? forgot the 2nd site
I'm in
Why not, I'm in.
Waffle Raffle <
I forgot to mention this Is the aeria games version.
I guess im in also if its for aeria.
why not
Raffle posts
Generic post for raffle.
Raffle Raffle. :smile:
could i get in?
what is this
read the first post.
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