• Twelve Sky 2 Godly Character Raffle!!!
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I ment in a meme-ish way.
Count me in.
im hopefully in
Yay raffles.
raffle daffle
Current Post Count:24 My post's don't count neither do flamers or double posts.
We're just tryin to hit the 50 mark dude
well i am not a flamer, hope u added me in the list
Count me in.
raffle mcbaffler
twelve sky account get (count me in)
put me in :)
want :d
Posting for the raffle
Current Raffle Count:32
Looks like another generic free Korean MMO.
Might as well.
do it
I like free stuff.
Current Raffle Count:[B]36[/B] Note: Only one of your posts are counted, Ryan2407 was disqualified, none of my posts count as well.
Im in :D
You should also have a time limit since you don't know if 50 people will even be interested.
The Original Post says when the thread reaches 50 posts, not 50 different posters, get to drawing you!
Im in if i can be
Only 10 more post's guys lol :350:
Wait what POAST
raffle for bant user.
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