• Minecraft - SAW Custom Adventure/Puzzle Map
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Hey! I'm looking for beta testers to test out my new map. It is based on SAW and follows the storyline of taking hits etc. for others. Then watching them die painfully. I am keeping details shady at the moment but if you'd like to help, PM or Reply to me :)
Um, just post it.
It's not done. I want a few, experienced Minecraft players to try it. I don't want little kids playing it and telling me to add even more ponies.
How are you a gold member
[QUOTE=yuki;36028373]How are you a gold member[/QUOTE] 17 Days ago kvjn777 boostard Gold Membership for DrJenkins Probably in response to his title.
Blue and Proud Of It.
Who gives a shit, just post it.
Go Away Spore. You make me sick.
Just post it. (I also want to make you sick)
What type of info would you want from the testers?
[QUOTE=DrJenkins;36028155]experienced Minecraft players I don't want little kids playing it[/QUOTE] youre outta luck sonny
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