• Array and YOU!
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[url]http://www.array.com/[/url] Guys this is really just a request for boxes to hold all these valves I found, when the desired amount has been reached, delete this thread.
what the hell
What? I saw someone with "array" in place of their links but the page never loaded. Doesn't seem to be related to Valve, rather valves, is it some sort of joke?
holy shit
I've had no word of this, so i'm not entirely sure if it's legit. I'll watch, though.
There's no word about this because no-one has made a thread about this, anywhere, I'm one of the first to find this.
So you found a website on valves and decided it's an ARG? Sounds legit.
Just edited my Steam profile, every time it changes the first link to Array like above.
Doesn't appear to be legitimate judging from a whois. What exactly made you think it was Valve's work? Just curious so I can look it over myself.
[QUOTE=_jesterk;36023125]So you found a website on valves and decided it's an ARG? Sounds legit.[/QUOTE] Edit your steam profile and stop skipping the few lines of text I have.
its more like a bug my browsers try to load [url]http://www.array.com.br/[/url] when I click steam://openurl/http://Array because Im brazilian i guess
This is just some sort of bug in with profiles, it will probably be fixed soon.
Don't understand any of this but: [url]https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Array[/url] So it could just be a programming glitch or something. Probably not an ARG :(
All hail array, new governing body of Steam!
It's a conspiracy. Valve confirmed for 9/11 master minds.
Yes, because every bug must mean an ARG
what an amusing bug
Except that it's a legitimate company?
[QUOTE=icemaz;36023238]Except that it's a legitimate company?[/QUOTE] Mere coincidence?
This is all part of Gabe's nefarious plot to make a DDoS-like service made to take other websites down: His fans will rush for said websites, flood the bandwith and crash the server. It's the perfect plan.
just a bug i think when u try put a empty array as string on php it put 'Array'.
[QUOTE=Freakie;36023254]Mere coincidence?[/QUOTE] Probably
Yeah could be a bug, I had nearly no information when I started the thread and edited it with anything I found, could be a coincidence.
the ::: ARRAY ::: [b]VALVES[/b], ACTUATORS got my attention but yeah just a bug
Appears to be a bug with Steam. [url]http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2707968[/url]
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