• Problem with trail?
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Well I installed the trial two days ago, and i can't seem to add any friends or something, neither can a friend of mine ,the one who wanted me to try WoW, find me. Is it the trial or what's wrong? (Yes we're both in the same realm.) Trial *
Are you both on the same region?
what's a trail?
Like Caps Lock said, hopefully you guys aren't from different regions or you won't be able to find or add. Also, trail.
Trial * [editline]07:11PM[/editline] And yeah we're both in the same region, since if you select another region logging in wouldn't work. :O
you probably can't add freinds due to the trial account restrictions, again my guess is that you're on the wrong servers/regions
If I remember correctly he has to add you as a friend first.
Last time I recall, You couldn't use friends on Trial.
[QUOTE=Detoxie;21459599]Last time I recall, You couldn't use friends on Trial.[/QUOTE] Don't believe you can.
You can't add friends on trial accounts i'm afraid.
you can add friends.
Had to be regions. Fucked me up when i first started playing with Jeth and bluetooth. I actually upgraded to the US version too. Didn't realise. Postal had to call them in the US for me. I'd double check where to registered for the trial. I believe the only restrictions on trial accounts are level cap, ammount of gold you can posess and being able to trade. You can add friends. Oh i dont think you are able to use public chat either.
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